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View From Inside the Rehab Hospital

We know by now that the vehicle that carries my spirit seems to be wearing down; soft bones, nervous system disrepair, auto-immune disorder, the latest is Lyme disease! So I take the guidance of those who say that I need help and the institutional Medicaid will also give me home health care. Therefore, I have [...]

A view on the meme-master

Ra was a smart guy but also a charlatan, I’m afraid. He duped us all with his smoke and mirrors. It was very hard to sort out all the nonsense he created. I got excommunicated after I informed him that the training we developed over five years, organizing and recording every utterance didn’t work, that [...]

Throat center as a Throttle

I have been thinking about the fact that it is through the Throat that we breathe, eat, swallow, talk, choke, cough and vomit. This is a very transforming center, that we take in through this aperture that gives us the chance to express or manifest, depending.

What is an Attractor?

Is this an actual term? No, but it’s important to understand your own part in any given electro-magnetic connection where you and someone else both participate in a channel definition, especially if it defines centers for you. This is one of the most important and subtle aspects in knowing your own design. From my experience, [...]

The Tarot and HD

This is from Charlotte: The hanged man is about the law of reversal. It represents the suspended mind. The title refers to the utter dependence of human personality upon the cosmic life. The hanged man is hanging on living wood, the leg is crossed like a nr 4 which is the symbol for sulfur and [...]

Angelina Jolie and The Land of Blood and Honey

I watched Angelina’s movie last night and constantly thought of her design. The central theme is a love story that you (the viewer) gets invested in until Boom! the bomb goes off. Already at the beginning, I felt AJ communicated the emotional joy of being in love. The bombing begins that main story in such [...]

More on the 51-25

Dear One,   Regarding your question about the 25 gate Most of my life I have been aware of a strong compassionate side in me. And since design, with all the drama at the beginning of my separation from my husband, this part remain adamant not to take a lawyer and sue the guy. I [...]

Centers only in a reading

This is Smadar’s email:   A woman came to me the other day. A client that i gave a reading to twice. And this time I stayed only with the centers and i saw soooo much more than before. And also it felt as if i actually made a difference in the way she will [...]

Matt’s Gene Keys thoughts

In the Gene Keys (yea yea I know) the 1st Hexgram has the shadow of Entropy, which expresses itself either through deep depression, or being too frenetic in trying to escape natural depressive states, or even both it just depends. Reading about this shadows dynamic has really helped a lot with the depression this past [...]

An agreement on Chakras and Tree of life

This is from Julio:   Comment: Thank you for sharing your revelations about the Tree of Life and The Chakras. It made so happy to get confirmation about my own research on Kabbalah and The Tree of Life. And the same goes for my research work on the Chakra System which is a confirmed match [...]