This is from Charlotte:

The hanged man is about the law of reversal. It represents the suspended mind. The title refers to the utter dependence of human personality upon the cosmic life. The hanged man is hanging on living wood, the leg is crossed like a nr 4 which is the symbol for sulfur and sulfur feeds the vital Fire. The arms are in 2 triangles. He looks like a suspended pendulum at rest, a state of cosmic consciousness. It implies the complete conquest of the personality when subjugated by the forces of spirit.

Keywords are: reversal, self surrender. Enlightenment brings a complete change of ways.

The Hebrew letter is Mem, which means sea and represents the element water. Mem represents reflected life (as Mem is water and water was the first reflector and it reflects upside down). Water is feminine .

Path #23 (13) is called Stable Intelligence. On the tree, path 23 (13) connects with Sephirah #5 (Geburah, Understanding on the Water pillar with the planet Saturn) Sephirah #8 (Hod, Splendor, also on the Water pillar with the planet Mercury). Since he is upside down he is really looking up at the Geburah and the Supernal Triangle. He has the knowledge of Mercury (Hod) and realizes there is more above.  The energy of Mars above energizes him.

If you look at the hanged man, his eyes are open with the glow of enlightenment around his head. Since he is on path 23 (13) he is in the position of being in between the intellectual planet Mercury, Sephriah #8 and the aggressive planet Mars on Sepheriah #5 He is between thought and action. Mercury is where his head is and Mars is where his feet are. He has awareness that he is travelling up and he knows that he is better off if his feet are rooted in the spiritual instead of earth. He is going up the path to the higher spiritual life. So, he has awareness and is awakened, that is why there is a yellow halo around his head. He is enlightened by the spiritual knowledge. If he includes that which is above with this thinking and he changes his viewpoint while on earth, he is headed towards his initiation. He tells us that we must think everything through and realize that we are part of the earth, having come here to learn earthly lessons . If we keep ourselves anchored to our decisions and thought, we remain attached to earth.

There is more on the symbolism of the jacket, pants eyes and glow but the emphasis is upon the importance of a change of viewpoint and this change is none other than total reversal.  As soon as truth is realized, self -surrender begins in the mind. It is the submission of the personal consciousness to the direction of the universal mind.

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