In the Gene Keys (yea yea I know) the 1st Hexgram has the shadow of Entropy, which expresses itself either through deep depression, or being too frenetic in trying to escape natural depressive states, or even both it just depends. Reading about this shadows dynamic has really helped a lot with the depression this past year and I’ve had some very interesting breakthroughs concerning how to move through these states, what I “think” is really happening, but I think looking forward to “breakthroughs” itself could trap someone because it is always an ongoing process, there is no end. Like how you said a 5 year old with the 10/57 will not experience it the same as someone who is 30, or 50, etc.
Dear Matt,
While Richard Rudd is an inspiring guy, I think he was misguided in Gene Keys. He still had the errors from Ra.
Take the evidence of him giving Gene Keys away. He lost his moral ground for a bit. He went back to his sense of right and wrong.
Master Ni might have done the same thing but has a freer morality.