Dear One,


Regarding your question about the 25 gate

Most of my life I have been aware of a strong compassionate side in me.

And since design, with all the drama at the beginning of my separation from my husband, this part remain adamant not to take a lawyer and sue the guy.

I mean i was so pressured to so from my family, some of my friends and from my selfish side that it is quite amazing I did not do it.

Some part in me wanted to believe that everything is for the best, that it is a gift and that even though it did not look like it, there is love underneath it all.

So naive and this side won big time. Our separation process is not yet done and a year and 3 months have passed already, But we are in good relation and he is moving next to me so that we support our son with this expanded family situation. With this said I also noticed that the moment

I relax in my heart energy when i feel it tense, then gate 25 is activated. It feels like a wave of softness and compassion to the situation at hand. I love this feeling as it renews my outlook at life and people. I rise above life’s circumstances. So the love comes sometimes from this and it feels different from the heart. Don’t know how to explain it better. It is wisdom beyond words. And it does not feel mine.


Another recent experience – I was offered a job to teach yoga- I am a yoga teacher like you(: – to women from an ARAB village next to me. And I wanted to do it. You told me I do not decide the money I get paid. So I asked how much they pay for this, and it was so low that my heart felt not good with this. The 25 gate felt this mission of love [was] more important that the salary, still my heart prevailed. On the other hand, a week ago I asked someone else how much she think the work I did with her worth – and it was the double the amount I was going to ask her. In this case I agreed with her suggestion.


Thank you for taking the time and work on the mix energy of centers. I love this part.


I took your recommendation reg. my son and I started to compliment him when he does something generous or supportive and the like. And it works. He is more and more amazing to me. In his giving and supporting me and others. Thank you for that one.


I realized today that waiting is basically an endless process that allows me to dive deeper into presence.


When I stopped the “pushing” ( reg. last week question) magic increased in my life. I got so much more offers for work.

That is it for now.

Have some questions

Don’t know them now

Love you