I watched Angelina’s movie last night and constantly thought of her design. The central theme is a love story that you (the viewer) gets invested in until Boom! the bomb goes off.

Already at the beginning, I felt AJ communicated the emotional joy of being in love. The bombing begins that main story in such a way that the viewer cares about the characters and watches how conflicted it is to be in that time and place.

The story is about the brutal war in Bosnia-Herzegovina in 1992 that centered on centuries’-old battles between Serbs and Muslims. Well-developed, emotionally I stayed with the characters to the end and watched as the atrocities of rape and murder continued to be pitted against an underlying love story that while its conflict and tension are beautiful, it’s also destined to end badly. How else could it end?

AJ’s chart (http://humandesignsystem.com/archive/charts/JolieAngelina.pdf) shows the Sun in 35, bringing the 36 into action, with her Mercury in 45, expressing the 21 Mars to see how the will acts in the world. Her nodes are the 34-20 twice. She’s still in the South Node phase of 20, Contemplation.

AJ, as an ambassador to humanitarian efforts in Africa, clearly sees/knows the sexual horror of rape. This is an important aspect of the story line. I think she has contemplated and her view is both compassionate and passionate.

Although a little longer than I would have liked, it needed all the time to get the story told. I recommend it, if you can handle being reminded of our collective immaturity and disappointment that people treat each other with cruelty.