Is this an actual term?

No, but it’s important to understand your own part in any given electro-magnetic connection where you and someone else both participate in a channel definition, especially if it defines centers for you.

This is one of the most important and subtle aspects in knowing your own design.

From my experience, one does not just hang out silently when being conditioned but pushes back against the other center’s conditioning and in this way, aggravates how the interaction works.

The most common channel I’ve spoken about is the Heart center 21 and Throat gate 45 as one easy channel to feel the tension created by the two people. My friend with the 21 said “I don’t want to be conditioned to do” while the other, with the Throat gate 45 feels this might be a successful collaboration and talks about what should be their mutual action plan.

I had one fellow who advised me that my voice was getting tense (I have the 21) and that I should relax about what he wanted me to say. Look carefully at this. It is his expression (he has the 45), but rather than recognizing what will make the 21 healthy and loved, he wants to tell me how I should be energetically. Of course this does not work and this brings me back to understanding what the practice is.

We all need to see what we determine is loving conditioning. That means, as a 21 with an undefined Heart center, I want to feel loving conditioning. That is a natural for the 21 as an attractor; I want the 45 to feel loving, heart opening, supportive.

When the 45 gets the same practice and feels my tension rising as I get tense being “told what to do,” the 45, when smart, gets to express (Throat center) “I support you with whatever you want to say or do.” When the 21 feels loved and supported, it can function with joy in the electro-magnetic.

We want to realize that though we feel pushed by another, it is never all right to justify a fight and always is the opportunity to observe. That’s the practice.