Ra was a smart guy but also a charlatan, I’m afraid. He duped us all with his smoke and mirrors. It was very hard to sort out all the nonsense he created.

I got excommunicated after I informed him that the training we developed over five years, organizing and recording every utterance didn’t work, that the readings done for the analyst certification clearly demonstrated this; that people could only repeat after Ra but no one could understand the body graph. Neither could I though I had five years private instruction from him on what he saw.

Some stuff he did get but if you look at the entire body of his work, it is based entirely on the third chakra view.

It was his slant that if he could come up with something simple enough for the masses and then additionally add his new requirement that anyone who uses HD to be on his list, meaning he would get money, he would finally get his reward.

He never thought it would be so hard to learn what he’d come up with, all his names, circuits, later Types and as you write authority (completely ridiculous). He realized that by his admission “it is not mine…” that he would never make enough money to leave his kids an inheritance, so he started the Jovian Archive for believers.

Just to say, revelations cannot be copyrighted or claimed. What Chaitanyo and I did was use the original training materials and took out Ra’s interpretations. He was a meme-master and all his stuff sticks in your brain much longer than you want it to!