We know by now that the vehicle that carries my spirit seems to be wearing down; soft bones, nervous system disrepair, auto-immune disorder, the latest is Lyme disease! So I take the guidance of those who say that I need help and the institutional Medicaid will also give me home health care. Therefore, I have been advised to stay 30 days at the rehab facility for Medicaid to kick in.

It’s a little odd to room with someone who freezes at night. I can’t convince her that she needs a better blanket and I wake up in a sweat for the 77+ degree temperature!

The kitchen manager is very tuned into my numerous diet restrictions. Even so, I’ve lost weight. Always a great thing but maybe not such a good thing.

I have therapy, including speech therapy, so that’s a good chance to bring my voice back. Therapy is always fun. The facility gives me the appointments even though insurance may not pay. Details I don’t spend much time on.

My family came through to get the legal mess sorted. Chaitanyo has taken on my email and business. He brings me home on Saturdays. Last week we watched the Best Exotic Marigold Hotel. Great movie.

No TV in my room weans me of that habit. I’m sleepy most of the time anyway, and just do as I’m told.

This place is little Mexico. Spanish is the language of the aids. You see this loving, caring staff, and I’m charmed by the changing nature of those who’ve been paid to help.

So that’s a bit on the broken left elbow. The surgeon could not screw a plate in because the bone was too soft, so instead wrapped it in carbon-fiber mesh. It’s probably better because I have a good range of motion… though I’m typing with just one hand.

I think I’ll be home by Monday, November 12, and will hope that I get to resume giving readings and class thereafter. Just to say, some of you wrote beautiful and encouraging messages that recognized my work. At times, I cried because it touched me so deeply.

My time is limited at best.  And I want to teach anyone who wants to study with me. I want to give class though I never had the appeal to draw a good size class, so this made it tricky to offer what I had uncovered about Human Design. Ra’s charm and cute, catchy names and phrases hide what design is here to bring.

It was a long road to un-learn all that disinformation. I used to implore people to take my word for it; that it was hard for me to unlearn and therefore it would be simpler to skip all that indoctrination, but only a rare few paid me any attention.

Now there are more people who realize that while Ra’s stuff sounds compelling, it doesn’t illuminate.

Chaitanyo and I were in a special role in the HD world to have a very up-close and personal task to bring Human Design out to the west. After five years of following every utterance. I knew we had to start over. I was so naïve. I thought Ra would be glad to realize, but as someone who essentially called him out (totally not my intention), he couldn’t get away from me fast enough.

It was heart-breaking and a shock to be forced to realize he lied and was not here to bring the gift of Human Design to the world but rather to make money. He slandered us cruelly, for which I was totally unprepared.

But I had already seen the error and knew what the correction was. I felt like I had a mandate to rescue design; that Ra committed a crime against humanity, so distorted and convoluted his “My way is the only Way” church that rendered design as a belief system that put the faithful in a box and told them how to live their lives.

Chaitanyo thought it would never work; that Ra had a grip on the world. But I always had a dedication and zeal that first, I had to publish the book outlining the revelation mechanics, and then I could give class. Chaitanyo would help me but would always remind me of the failure of my anemic attempt to offer some non-ra.

So twisted was my own education that it would take me years to realize what the beginning actually is!

My early attempts were teaching devices for myself, but with time, I knew I was on the right track. Offering a Professional Certification verified that what I had mastered was transferable.

Eventually, with the revision of the website I had to price the pro cert class. I put 10K, assuming that if anyone really wanted to do that class, it would help me fund the last task I want to complete…. namely, to get the chart software together. I never feel that someone must pay for my classes, but I am grateful to anyone who can help me pay for this last piece of my task. I budget $10K/month in 2013, so any help is fantastic.

We still don’t know how much I will be able to accomplish, and know that if you want to study with me, I am glad. I will resume the Saturday classes on a subscription basis that you can pay what you can afford and have CCC be a prerequisite. I will go on with channels and answering any questions.

My job is nearly done. The manual is good. The recorded classes provide the structure of using the body graph. And you will be happy when you don’t have to use funky charts.

And so, I am at your service. I love you.