Here is a question I received today:

I am looking into Human Design. Can you explain to me, the difference between, your system and the Jovian system. Did this knowledge actually come from a supernatural source. What is really going on here? as a seeker of truth will you please, explain in a clear and down to earth manner.”

Here’s my (very long) answer:  This is such a great question. Thank you for asking it. According to what I learned, the Human Design System was received as a revelation in January, 1987.

Ra said he was the “bio-fax machine” who took notes, learned it himself and then transmitted it, that the Human Design System came whole and complete and that it was not his. He didn’t figure it out or make it up.

Ra did come up with his own original interpretation, still the world standard of interpretation, though altered and codified into a simplified formulaic rote system of “this is what Ra says.”

My study began like that. I know it well. I was the first agent to promote and market the system in the US. I loved what he could see in charts that I couldn’t. In the fall of 1993, Ra’s first public introductions to the Human Design System were the revelation story. In the first teacher’s training in Ibiza the next year, that’s ALL that training was. Four days of slide-by-slide lecture of the revelation. I didn’t get why Ra wasn’t teaching us how to teach, only give the introduction lecture; now I am very grateful in recognizing the revelation story was what was given to us all for free.

Ra returned to the US for some years to give more classes; Chaitanyo graphic designed loads and loads of helpful pages and the training expanded into a licensing program for analysts per Ra’s goal of “an army of analysts.” However, five years into this, it was obvious that what Ra taught didn’t teach anything other than what he thought. I knew the training was flawed, that the starting point was in error.

Though a diligent student, I and all others could not actually do readings or “get” the charts. By this time, Ra had also tired of his alliance with Chaitanyo and me. His manner of dumping people was also a message that the way he used Human Design was disinterested in what he dubbed “the white path trip” (the spiritual path) when Human Design gave the form principle, and the world of No Choice, also no blame, it’s not’s your fault, it’s your design, what to do?

By his own statements, he considered Human Design and the form principle a far superior wisdom school than any spiritual education. At the point when I knew the trainings were flawed and he knew we were not the right agents, it was clear to me that only someone with a similar design to Ra’s (a design to do) would really have the right touch to imitate him successfully. I am so deeply different (design to wait). It never fit very well for me to do readings using Ra’s style.

Invariably, I would recommend that my clients also get readings from him. As a college philosophy major, I was smitten with Socrates (the dialogues of Plato) and the Know Thyself commandment. Ra’s trainings absolutely skipped this clue as to how one can learn Human Design authentically, though to be fair, he originally said, “Everyone will learn design according to their own designs.”

In his first book The Human Design System and The Rave I Ching his foreword noted that the Human Design System was a revelation, a gift and was not his. He acknowledged the revelation could not be claimed as his. At the point of realization that Ra’s interpretation didn’t work, nor did it make the world a better place, or help people to treat others better; it did not adhere to the golden rule, I also recognized that he was no model for me in how to live a virtuous life.

It was time to return to my own spiritual path yet I loved Human Design, so I set out to prove that it could be a spiritual path of awakening, and started over using the revelation mechanics. Each of the four elements of Human Design’s synthesis are spiritual paths. How could it be that Human Design wasn’t? Ra came up with very compelling descriptions, slogans, and hit the nail on the head many times, giving credence to his interpretation.

What was especially notable was how he was able to describe one’s shadow, evoke recognition through feelings of guilt or shame, and then assure you that it was ok, not your fault. It is a shadow form, and in his own words, it’s a mental virus. He indoctrinates people with these memes (Richard Brodie, Wayne Dyer). All those slogans and terms are so compelling and captivating, people have no idea at all what the Human Design System actually is, what it shows to someone who skips Ra’s insistence on being its only authority.

This is where he has been especially clever to blur his interpretation as the revelation, so that almost no one can tell where his interpretation starts. So after all this, I have loved Human Design from the first moment I met it, and have felt that I was set on a mission to correct this terrible entrapment of the system by the shadow Ra cast. I was able to use the original revelation mechanics and its four elements to come to a very beautiful form of design that I call Zen Human Design that begins with Know Thyself and being on the path of virtue. The I Ching is the interpretative basis of Human Design.

This is where I began my own correction: to drop the Rave I Ching by Ra, and instead use Taoist master Hua-Ching Ni’s Book of Changes and the Unchanging Truth. The Human Design System is a glorious, illuminating, amazing tool. I am grateful I met it and met Ra so I could meet the task to prove that Human Design can be used for the good instead of for the shadow. I found the way through the entire labyrinth to mastery and spiritual awakening. I am in the midst of getting new tools to share the revelation story. It’s not quite there, but soon.

It’s also time to write a new newsletter. In the recent weeks as I’ve been mulling what to write, I’ve been thinking about this a lot to just announce that I think Ra is full of crap. How arrogant to assert that he is the only one who can authorize its use! However, I do agree that he can say that about his interpretation. I know his chart and recognize one fundamental error he made that he didn’t figure out the essential piece: conditioning is not a bad thing, it’s the path, it’s life coming to you. How you respond IS your responsibility. And you can do something about how to handle being conditioned. It’s only if your fully asleep or fully indoctrinated by Ra’s bias that you think it’s not a choice you are fully in control to make.

Thank you for writing, Zeno