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Intermediate classes

Professional Classes in Human Design


Professional Certification Coaching Program

Zen Human Design is now offering a 12-month coaching program designed and customized just for you. If you are someone who wants to work professionally with design, with integrity and compassion, this is the program for you.

Zen Human Design is an original and direct interpretation of the revelation itself; the only authentic Human Design in the market. It liberates you from canned interpretations and gives you the tools to enter directly into the chart. It recognizes the essential requirement of starting with yourself—your own chart and life. Your study will start with an extensive exploration of your own chart and your chart study set of up to six significant conditioning people in your life.

Every month, you will have a 60-minute personal call with me, Zeno, the creator of Zen Human Design. Included with each call is a personal mp3 of the session. In this year-long coaching program, we will practice reading charts and discuss your family conditioning. This study of your own conditioning gives us clues for how you can transform residual disturbances about any center in your chart. With your own success in improving your own life, you will know that you can help your clients use Human Design to make their lives better.

Your relationship issues gives us the perfect chance to recognize and see how one’s life lessons can be seen in the chart. Also you can experiment energetically altering the dynamic through observation of any dysfunctional triggers in your own most important relationships. You’ll get protocols to experiment making changes in the conditioning field and meditation techniques. I will encourage a correct use of terminology. In addition, you can look forward to unlimited email support from me for our year together and help for chart reviews as needed.

This Certification Program in Zen Human Design offers my 19 of years of intense study. This is a training that works. You will learn how to effectively communicate using clear, simple language to introduce someone to the Zen Human Design chart. You will have my personal attention and guidance as you develop your own practice of witnessing and breathing in uncomfortable conditioning situations to have a solid, personal grasp on how conditioning, habits and charts actually work. This will teach you how to effectively help others do the same.

Zen Human Design is original Human Design, an interpretation that encourages client participation that will increase your experiential self-knowledge and develop the inner confidence that comes from knowing what you’re talking about. By the end of this program, you will be well on your way to harmonizing all your relationships and to understand the deeper meaning that world harmony begins with each of us. We create our worlds, and being conscious of responsibility for the energy in our own charts is our contribution that makes the world a better, more loving place. At the end of this program, you will receive a certificate verifying your satisfactory completion.

Professional Certification Program for the Patron


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