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Update: As of May 2017 Zeno is no longer able to do readings. Her long-time friend and partner Chaitanyo has taken over the task. The following testimonials are for Zeno's readings. In time they will be replaced with those for Chaitanyo's readings.

Chaitanyo sees deeply into a Human Design chart in a simple and applicable way. He's been giving readings since 1994.

"I was very moved by our time together "
Laurie Magriel, MA

"Zeno has profound insight into life patterns and articulates them clearly and carefully. Her work is designed (and succeeds) to enhance one's experiential self-knowledge, which is very useful in understanding how we relate to the world around us."
Anne Beversdorf, TX

"I was really amazed with the readings you did for me. Our time together really brought home the things I need to concentrate on with the girls. ... Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!"
DJ Myers, CO

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"Thank you so much for giving your insight and clues on my daughter´s chart and mine.
You were so very true about all that you said about us!!!! It all came as precious advice to improve my relationship with my daughter and understand the dynamics that run between us in a clarifying way."
Cristina Moreira Braga, Portugal

"We are happy to have found you, and grateful to have this to understand ourselves and each other."
Sophia Dallair, Virginia

"I loved this session.”
Dominique Conci, France


Human Design Makes A Difference In Life

To see yourself and your circumstances in the light of Human Design will change perspectives and lives!

A Human Design reading is the most direct and most convenient way to start your journey and get the information and confirmation about yourself and your relationships you always wanted to have. Understand your gifts and see the joys and challenges you face, with unprecedented clarity!

If you have particular issues, you can ask any questions. Chaitanyo will address them in the context of your chart and current influences. He'll guide you toward the path of integration and awakening that’s written in your chart. He can highlight the mechanics of insecurity or defensiveness to help you make use of this knowledge so that you can make healthier decisions.

Individual reading

90 minutes by Skype, on the phone or in person

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Couples, Families, Groups

Human Design is revelatory in decoding and clarifying what goes on in relationships of any kind. It makes it obvious how we are differently wired and what each person’s realm of influence and responsibility is by design. To know how we influence and condition each other is extremely liberating and empowering for all parties of a relationship.

60 minutes on the phone or by skype

Only available after an initial individual reading.

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After payment you will be presented with a form for birth data.



After you've had your initial reading, feel free to ask brief and simple follow-up questions through the contact form.

For more in-depth follow-ups, please book a follow-up session with Chaitanyo.

up to 60 minutes by Skype or on the phone

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