Health and Human Design

Martin Grassinger

The Power of The Great

The theme of the integration channels with gates 34, 57, 10 and 20 is individuation. By examining them, we can discover what it means to be a unique human being. Gate 34, The Power of the Great, out of the Sacral center (vitality), delivers the power and energy for individuation. In connection with gate 10, Treading, it is a design of following one's convictions, to have an individual point of view and the power to stand by it.

The original roots for this are rage and aggression and they reach far back: already in early childhood we learn to either suppress or express this power. Only by expressing it are we in contact with the roots of our vitality and can learn to deal with it in a sensible and healthy (57) way. In educating our children we must provide them with a secure environment in which they can experience themselves as alive and powerful even in their rage and aggression (a German term for “curse,” “Kraft­Ausdruck,” literally means “expression of power.” The translator.). In the process they learn to see themselves (20) and to perceive the healthy aspects of it (57). Children who aren't allowed to express this power never learn to deal with it properly. Instead, they learn to be dishonest with themselves and others, to suppress the energy and become sneaky. The result is cowardice, or at least hidden aggression, hidden authoritarianism, violence. The world's full of it.

Pluto, in gate 34 since a year, helps to face up to this power. The transit is crucial to everybody (children and adults) who don't have the 34 in their design. It is a unique chance to get to the root of their vitality, especially when they have learned as children to express it only indirectly. Pluto brings the truth to daylight and the power from Hades, the underworld. Rage and aggression can turn into courage and directness.

Aggression (from Latin aggredere, moving ahead) is often confused with destruction. Healthy aggression is vital to express, otherwise this energy turns as depression against one's own vitality and life can then unfold only through detours, if at all. Depressed people cannot be aggressive or furious. In therapy, rage and aggression, often directed at the therapist, are therefore the first signs of healing. Only in line 5, hexagram 34 is intentionally destructive, and has to be: from there the immune system (57) derives its destructive power, serving the body's health by destruction.

In gate 34 reside might, power, violence. But only their application each moment (20) determines whether they are helpful or destructive, healthy or unhealthy (57). In any case it's the base energy for one's composure, the stance toward ourselves, our way of life (10), our individual, healthy (57) being each moment (20) of life. Life wants to happen, wants to be with great power.

People with gate 34 in their design have always been fixed in a given posture, depending on the specific line. Pluto now brings everything to the surface, whether light or shadow. It does it with might and power, if necessary violently. No choice.

November 1996, Human Design Network Newsletter
translated from German by Chaitanyo