Health and Human Design

Martin Grassinger

The Power of The Great II

The Sacral center is the center of vitality. Vitality is often confused with energy. The Human Design System helps to distinguish between the two terms: Energy comes from the Root center; vitality is power from the Sacral, a generator, as Ra terms it. It can re-generate within its own limits through rest, relaxation and sleep, but only if allowed to. Otherwise it will de-generate in the long run and produce degenerative illnesses.

Two thirds of the workings of the Sacral center evade our potential awareness: the three tantric channels and the three energy formats. Vitality forms by itself and we are only able to observe its results.

Gate 34 is the Power of the Great, the pure egoism of vitality. Here everything focuses and collects to manifest: channel 34-20 is the Sacral's only direct connection to the Throat and, again, it is possible without participation of an awareness. Life doesn't ask, it happens.

Vitality needs and has its own rhythm (5) emerging from its concentration (9), its own direction (14) emerging from its (dis-)order (3), its own meaningful theme (29) emerging from its maturation (42). In addition, vitality cares for the interior in the 27, opens to the exterior in the 59, and has the potential to manifest all of that with concentrated power (34) in the here and now.

Pluto's activation of gate 34 helps to manifest aspects one might have activated in the Sacral center, with great power. Everybody has an opportunity to learn something about their vitality: it is fully developed only if all the vitality-themes in a design can be expressed.

If vitality cannot unfold and manifest in its unique setup, the power will still be there and turn toward itself. Thus aggression turns into self-hate, vitality into depression. The suppression of vitality results in suppression of vital functions with all the consequences. Pluto works with great power to expose and manifest vitality. But remember the keynote of the gate: Power is only great if it serves the common good. And Pluto is a collective planet.

21 December 1996, Human Design Network Newsletter
translated from German by Chaitanyo