Health and Human Design

Martin Grassinger


As I often mention, Limitation is synonymous with being healthy on an individual level. The term “health” suggests the possibility of a steady state that can be generalized to the collective. Being healthy, however, I can only be as an individual, in the here and now, which implies knowledge of my limitations each moment. Hexagram 60 is about the individual moderation in the moment.

Many people don't want to accept the fact of limitations: When there's a stagnant economy, we talk about zero growth, when it's receding, it's minus growth. There's no room for limitation. Everything is growth, and at the same time, advertising suggests what to have and use in addition. Everything is continuously improved and more sophisticated. Limitlessness is far more attractive and tempting than limitation. The aim is growth, expansion, better, farther, faster, more money, more profit, more health.

“The acceptance of limitation is the first step in transcendence” is the key phrase of hexagram 60 in the Rave I'Ching. Only through this acceptance, healthy growth receives its base. Hexagram 60 is a purely physical, individual, impulsive energy and is beyond our capacity to immediately perceive – no choice.

An example: Hexagram 55 is connected with the energy format 60–3. Spiritual growth therefore happens only on the basis of acceptance of individual limitation. A lot of esoteric illusions of grandeur originate here and the crashed Icarus then ends up in our therapeutic practice with spiritual bruises. I then often describe hexagram 60 with the image of a river: of course, the banks narrow and limit the river, but they give it direction and power. It is good for the river to have limitation, in fact, limitation defines it. The same is true for the river of life. It is hard for people to accept that growth needs limitations. The Human Design System can help to see and love the unique beauty emerging from limitation.

If I as an individual want to move from an old order (60) to a new order (3), the intermediate step is dis­order. The same is true for becoming healthy after being ill. More about creative chaos next time: for now, let's keep it in limits...

30 March 1997, Human Design Network Newsletter
translated from German by Chaitanyo