Health and Human Design

Martin Grassinger

Centered Being

The Centering circuit has two channels:

34–10 Exploration - A design of following one's convictions

51–25 Initiation - A design of needing to be first

Two motors provide energy to the G center from two sides: vitality from the Sacral center through gate 34, and willpower from the Heart center through gate 51. Pluto is activating gate 34 since 1995 and until this coming December 4. Saturn is in gate 51 since May of this year. At this time it is retrograde, leaving gate 51 on November 2 and returning there in January 1998.

Both channels are purely mechanical processes, without the presence of awareness. The convictions of channel 34–10 are not to be confused with the opinions of gate 17, which are purely mental. Convictions are one's bearing on self (G) and life (Sacral), and they are lived with great power (34).

Demeanor, result of lived inner convictions, is biologically reflected in body posture, the bearing of the spine. Someone who has been able to live their vitality to its full extent is likely to have an erect, healthy spine. Conversely, many spine problems result from suppressed or bent vitality.

The need to be first, channel 51–25, has a relation to the upper part of the spine, the neck. Here, too, a motor is fueling the self: the willpower of the Heart center tempts many people to want to go through a wall head first (gate 51 is in Aries) and risk breaking their neck.

The meaning of Initiation, channel 51–25, is often confused with "enlightenment." Gate 51 is described as the gate of the spiritual warrior, who comes in contact with the inevitable connectedness of everything – a shock. However, on the mundane plane it helps to understand the mechanics: here, the self can be in contact with the ego, the "I am" with the "I will." This union is beyond self-pity and arrogance (when the warrior becomes a fool). Each step on an individual's way of life is new and unique, has never been stepped before, and this is true for all of us.

Like gate 14, gate 51 provides empowerment of direction. The additional energy and emotional, hormonal quality it gets from the Solar Plexus center through channel 37–40 is likely to override the healthy, instinctive awareness coming through channel 44–26, Surrender.

5 November 1997, Human Design Network Newsletter
translated from German by Chaitanyo