Health and Human Design

Martin Grassinger

The Ego Circuit and Love

In addition to being the circuit of materialism, the Ego circuit is a circuit of love. This is how it works physiologically: The Ego circuit represents the body that needs support (love). After conception, the Ego circuit is built by the Heart center. Right from the beginning it's all about love as a basic nutrition from one body to the new one (and not to reject it) that this vehicle can be built. It's all about giving: As a result, the channel 21–45 means: Only what you have, possess, can you give. If you have love, you can give it away and by giving it away you will discover that you can never lose it. Instead, it will increase by giving it away, it maximizes. You only really “have” something if it becomes more by giving it away.

Egoism is all about wanting and having, possession, not wanting to give it away because of the fear of losing it, poverty, which is stored in the body. It minimizes. If someone supports you with all the love of his heart, you will feel it immediately as strength in your whole body, which you can be aware of as a better (or the best possible) tone in your muscles. But if it is able to take away your strength and weakens the tone of your muscles in your whole body, it is egoism. Therefore the main theme in this circuit is: fear of manipulation/being manipulated. So in dealing with love, there is always this fear.

The defined Ego center must leave this fear behind (it is related to a past incarnation, where this center was open) because in this life it is protected. People with a defined Heart center can never be manipulated. They will immediately feel in their body, which gives clear signals,  that they do not want to be manipulated. Therefore they don't need to be egoistic as a protection based on fear. They can stop it and act with love. They really do not even need to be angry. If it is real love that's “manipulating” you, an open heart can surrender without any fear. The defined Heart center has to realize all the love inside. They have to bring out all this love they really have and give it to all the people as a support. On the right side (19 up to 40) to all the people they feel familiar with; on the left side (54 up to 26) to the subjects and all the people they have to deal with in their job. By the way: On another level, the stream of memory carries a lot of information and fears, stored in the physical body from past incarnations, related to love-themes.

The open Heart center can always have this deep fear of manipulation within a love relationship and has to learn to handle it. It has to be aware of this fear coming up again in the body and the fear will always be felt in the body through the tone of the muscles, like a seismograph for manipulation. It can make you very angry, harden your body (muscles) and if you keep on being that hard on the physical level it will weaken you after a while. But most of all, the open Heart center has to be aware of an upcoming fear or the tendency to put someone in charge of a manipulation where there is actually none and no reason for it. It is only related to one's own memories, stored in the physical body, where such a manipulation has happened, while this situation today seems to be similar, but it is not. It can also be a memory from a past incarnation, which wants to lead you through a clearing process.

Love relationships can give us a great opportunity to face and let go of these old fears of being manipulated, which can also be rooted in our childhood, where we were deeply dependent and often manipulated to love our parents, despite of needing to be needed.

Gate 26 is part of the cross of leadership. Within this defined channel - which is deeply rooted in the muscles of the body as a strength for the job you really love - a leader does not want to be under control or feel like s/he is. No matter what one thinks about, it is just a physiological charisma of the body, chemistry, part of the aura. The 21 is part of the cross of tension, and it is producing physiological signals/symptoms or gets sick if it is under the control of foreign forces. It needs to be in control to bring all the love out to the community. It's also a physiological charisma of the body, as a part of the aura, a “chemistry” of the body that can have deep attraction as well as it can lead to deep rejection. It is the coin of Love and Hate.

A 21 has to make sure, that the money-festation is not disturbed and possibly brought into a wrong direction based on emotional energy, by controlling (as well own) the emotions.

A 51 has to have the strength to make sure that the first step into their own individual mystical way is not rooted in manipulation out of the memory (of fear) of this life or before. If it is not rooted in manipulative intention, it will be seen as innocence. Everyone has their own part in the game of love and the fear of manipulation, which can always lie underneath. It's not a subject of the mind. It's a purely physiological language (and awareness through the tone/strength of the muscles!) of the body, only based on smell and touch, no matter what we can see and listen to, without eyes (17, 11) and ears (57, 22, 43).

September 1999