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Excerpt from the audio tape set: The Planets

Mercury is the planet closest to the Sun. By tradition, Mercury is a communicator, that is, the communicator for the Sun. Mercury in the tradition of Mercury and Prometheus and Loki and all of these characters who brought the knowledge of the gods to humanity. Mercury is a communicator and wherever you see Mercury in a chart, what you are seeing is what must be communicated as a theme in the life. And you have a conscious communication and an unconscious communication. If you look at Monica,* what she needs to communicate unconsciously is her Mercury in the 46. She needs to communicate that she is in the right place at the right time. She needs to communicate her determination to work with her body, because this is a gate of the body, and she needs to communicate the power of the body: she's a professional athlete. On the other side, you have Mercury in the 34: this is the Power of the Great. She needs to communicate her power: "eh!" each time she hits the ball. Communicating her power, letting her power come out in the same way that she hits the ball - communicating her power. That's the Mercurial field.

* Monica Seles, tennis player

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30 March 1997, Human Design Network Newsletter
Transcription by Chaitanyo