Ra Uru Hu

On Emotional Authority

Excerpt from the audio tape set: Authority

When you look at composites of two people together, you'll discover that the vast majority of all partnerships are emotional. Now think about the chaos and pain that we have in our relationships. The moment that we come together in any bonding, most of us automatically become emotional. Therefore, the authority for almost every relationship on Earth is Solar Plexus authority. When you're together with your lover, you have Solar Plexus authority that's almost for certain guiding your relationship. There are exceptions, obviously. But the vast majority are emotional. In other words, it's not simply a matter of the emotional people walking around, but the recognition that working in an office, working with others, having your lover in your life, the chances are, that you're always dealing on some level or another with the power of the Solar Plexus system to define decision-making in your life.

So when you're dealing with the Solar Plexus in a relationship, you have to see what that's saying about our relationships to each other: It takes time to find love. It's always going to take time. It's so important to recognize that. Very few relationships are ever going to be Splenic, that the love exists in the now or not. Almost all relationships are going to end up in the emotional field.

Whether you have Solar Plexus definition or not, you have to recognize what it means to wait. When you have a relationship with somebody, you have to see that you cannot jump, that you have to have enough time to find clarity in your relationship because otherwise it will not work. And the joke is, for the vast majority of relationships, there is no truth in the now. We have all kinds of relationships that are rooted in insecurity, because there is no truth in the now and no recognition that why you're with somebody, is so that you can share your knowing of each other. The depth of that knowing comes through the beauty of what the emotional system is about. It brings depth into our lives. When you wait, you get to see the things you feel and care about in a unique clarity because you get the perspective over time.

The fact is, the Solar Plexus system is the ultimate authority in a Design, and it's also the ultimate authority on the planet.

16 June 1998, Human Design Network Newsletter
Transcription by Chaitanyo