Ra Uru Hu

A Message to the American Students

This past August in Austria, I completed my teaching program with a group of European students, analysts who began their Human Design education in 1993. With this first generation properly prepared, I felt assured in being able to focus my attention elsewhere. In late September, I arrived with my family to settle in Taos, the home of Human Design in America.

New Sun Services America and the profound dedication of Zeno and Chaitanyo have resulted in a quality-oriented educational organization that has impressed me. I am here because this organization is the standard for the future of Human Design education.

It takes many years of education, experimentation and experience to develop the best possible representatives of this knowledge. I am saddened to hear of American analysts with truly minimal training who are passing themselves off as authorities and teachers; who ignore both copyright and organization requirements. I would like to remind those of you who complain and conspire out of a professed love of Design, that had it not been for NSSA, you would not have met this knowledge and its immeasurable gift to you.

Perhaps my being here and the expansion of the educational program in the coming years will reinforce the importance of properly planting this “seed” so that it may flourish for the benefit of the children of tomorrow.

I look forward to working closely with New Sun Services America and American analysts for the continued growth of Human Design.

21 November 1998, Human Design Network Newsletter