Reflections on Training Analysts

Human Design has found its way into the far reaches of my perception. Its language forms my concepts and while it is essentially impossible for me to alter experience, it is possible to accept what is much more easily than before I met Design. The undefined Heart center education has been challenging, but finally learning not to even try to defend myself keeps me much healthier. As we near the magical seven-year threshold with Design, (it will be August 2000 for us) I think the cellular level of change foretold by Ra appears valid.

This past year, with so many demands on time and attention, Human Design study was pushed to the backburner. The only time I felt consciously attentive was when a student or a trainee would ask me questions. So it was with real delight that I found myself teaching the analyst training to 15 very well­prepared students in September. The students inspired me with very interesting questions and with their own designs. What totally surprised me was the realization of how deeply the knowledge had penetrated into my being. I was no longer theoretically presenting the material, but was sharing my own understanding and knowing of design through living it.

Each of us has to prove design to ourselves, to know it internally, and with certainty, before we can be effective as analysts. That study begins, and ultimately remains with the experiment of living one's own Design. Human Design study is an invaluable, incomparable tool in seeing how other people's designs interact with your own. For that, the Analyst training program provides the most direct and concise route to learn how to see the fundamentals in anyone's design.

The next Analyst training is scheduled for April. We look forward to meeting a new batch of students, ready to bring Human Design and its value into the consciousness of the collective. The audience is growing day by day. We expect that within two years, demand for readings will outstrip capacity. We're happy to meet you, if this meaningful work is calling you. Based on the experience of training almost a hundred analysts, we recommend a minimum of three months to complete the Basic and Advanced trainings, (longer is better) and during that time, to listen to at least some of the classes by Ra available on tape.

11 November 1999, Human Design Network Newsletter