Benazir Bhutto

Benazir Bhutto’s assassination leaves the world mourning yet another great leader taken out of the equation, removed from being able to effect a progressive change. 

Today the reminder of Martin Luther King, before him, Robert Kennedy and JFK, we’ve mourned the cruel fate that allows metaphorically the rock to crush the rose. As we enter the sign of Aquarius, the humanitarian, it reminds that we still are a ways away from treating each other with respect.

 To give a brief overview of the Human Design chart of Ms. Bhutto, first let’s generalize about the calculation.

 Human Design uses the astrological calculation of where planets at any given moment, then indexes the result into hexagrams and lines (from the I Ching). The activations are represented in the integrative field of the body graph, transferred to the corresponding hexagram numbers within the centers. Centers relate directly to the seven charkas with two additional whole body awareness fields to the right and left of the central column showing the seven charkas. 

The activations can meet in channels, so when two planetary energies completely define a channel, the centers connected by that channel are defined. This is represented by the centers being colored. It can also result in centers not being defined, and therefore open to outside influence, likely vulnerable in those areas.

The basic mechanic is that of the nine centers, four are motors, which, when connected directly to the Throat or by continuous channel definitions, the energy can manifest, can do. When not, the person must wait for connections with others or transits to bring out the attributes of a person’s chart.

This determines two modes, To Do and To Wait. Further, the modes are described as four modes as types; reflecting, projecting, generating or manifesting. (The first three are types of waiting, the last is the doing type.)

Ms. Bhutto’s chart shows a single definition (only one channel, therefore only one area of definition), to wait, with an undefined Throat and all four motors undefined, as well as an undefined mental field. A very open chart; a projector by type.

The generalized rule of a projector is that there is a wish to be seen, to be recognized. Projectors pay attention to others, so have an innate sense that others should return the favor, but don’t always. Attention seeking behavior is a common attribute of projectors.

With an undefined Throat and no motors defined, Ms Bhutto always benefited from being in groups. As it was said by the Pakistani security director, she loved being with the people. With the undefined Heart center (equivalent to the third chakra), she was not an egoist, nor could she defend or protect herself, yet her Earth activation (opposite the Sun, where the light is in-formed) was part of her identity (Ji center, heart chakra) definition to Saturn. This was a very strongly defined Ji center, with the four points of the Solstice birthday Sun located within it. This center is about love, direction, and identity.

When I read the line activation from the I Ching (I use Taoist master Ni, Hua-Ching’s translation), the gate 10, in her case, at the very end of Sagittarius, beginning with the hexagram name, “Conduct. Conduct should follow the correct order so as not to cause trouble. When treading on the tail of a tiger, avoid challenging its power. Proceed with caution and awareness.” Line 2 continues by saying “Conduct yourself according to the simple path. Simplicity brings good fortune…. One who remains centered and undisturbed by external circumstances… expecting neither high position nor favors from above; thus he is protected.”

She was on record as knowing she was treading on the tail of the tiger, yet did not protect herself. She knew the possibility existed, yet she was also clear that she was fulfilling her role in the world. As has been commented upon already, her death is to the Muslim world akin to the death of Princess Diana, and her impact after death may be even greater than when she was alive.

There are very notable transits on that day, and very strong conditioning for her already during the entire year 2007.

To look at the transit chart, Human Design shows the two sets of data; one Ms Bhutto’s chart as coded in black, the other the transit moment in blue. When the charts are combined, the resulting body graph shows what channels came into definition as a result of the transit.

Though there are many comments to make, primary is that all three outer planets were forming significant definitions to her chart, as well as the Nodes of the Moon.  If you look at the row of hexagrams for the transit, note those with an underline. This indicates the planet participated in a channel definition. You can also look at her chart activations to see the planets directly involved in definitions.

A powerful channel definition of transiting retrograde Uranus to her natal Pluto began September 2 defining the mental inspiration field, 63 to 4. By the time of the assassination, Moon was in exact conjunction with her natal Pluto to the hexagram 63 “After Crossing the Water”. The guidance is “…Accomplishments should be protected. Otherwise, good fortune in the beginning becomes confusion in the end.”

Pluto is the planet of death, rebirth and transformation. Uranus is the planet of upheaval and rebellion. In Human Design terms, these planets combined in the channel and in the centers involved, namely, the top two centers involving the mental awareness and inspiration.

Transiting Pluto was also significant, as it opposed her Sun, and conjuncted her Earth in hex. 10, Conduct, with Jupiter adding its expansive energy as she drove through the crowds that day. 

As we go from the Ji center in the middle of the chart, two channels were formed that day that connected the Ji to the Sacral center. The Sacral center is the center of life and death; it is the body’s life force and creative energy, one of the four motors that generates energy.

A very significant channel definition from her natal Venus in Ji hex. 2, the Receptive, the most feminine of all hexagrams, came into definition with transiting Venus in 14 in the Sacral center. Venus to Venus, we see this very central channel that is about the power inherent in being receptive in the feminine power center. 14, called Great Harvest, is Great Provision and line 2 says “Proceed with a big carriage. No problem.” Further it states”… carrying royalty and devotion… Be like a “great carriage” moving toward a noble destination.” A second channel was defining the Ji with the South Node in 29 as well. That would indicate there was danger present.

The last area of definition was the Root center, survival chakra, with her North Nodes both activated there in Aquarius hexagrams 19 and 41. (Human Design uses two calculations; one the precedes the birth by 88° of the Sun or one orbit of Mercury and the birthday.) Here we see the activation of Neptune in hex 49, an Aquarius hexagram called Revolution, Reformation that is part of the evolutionary patterning of the emotional awareness field of the Solar Plexus center (one of the two additional whole body awareness fields).

Neptune has been in this position now almost a year as of January 23 and will remain there for most of next year as well. Neptune brings with it the potential martyrdom, personal sacrifice for the greater good, or being a sacrifice, as well as being a unifying quality or a longing for spiritual oneness. This was defined therefore for almost the entire last year of her life.

We see the last and most striking definition with the transiting North Node that moved into hexagram 30 as of December 13, 2007, coming into definition with her natal North Node in 41. This is clearly a marker for meeting her destiny. This too is an Aquarius-Aquarius channel (both channel hexagrams are Aquarius), so Ms Bhutto had these two Root-Solar Plexus channels being defined that were about her destiny, and her destiny was to bring to the light of awareness that we are all truly one. We need to stop eliminating the best of us by thinking that anyone is expendable.

The Neptunian revolution is challenging us all. 

January 2008