A History of the Course Revision

zc design, and previously New Sun Services America, has been educating students in the Human Design System since 1993. For you, who are among the first students, I especially want to share with you this new Course in Human Design v.2.


I do feel some responsibility for my contribution to the rigid structure of Ra’s keynotes that were the basis of his interpretation. Though Human Design was touted to be a logic system, unfortunately by January 1999, those submitted readings clearly demonstrated that the training program was deeply flawed, there was widespread reliance on Ra’s descriptions and keynotes, and a stunning lack of experientially direct information. That is belief, not logic, when we take other people’s word for something.


It shook me to the core and propelled me onto a long odyssey to see whether Human Design could be proved as a logic system or that in fact, it is only a very sophisticated New Age belief system.


Year by year, as I tested the interpretative elements as I’d learned them from Ra, I was repeatedly astonished that indeed, the layering of names, keywords and generalized meanings were somewhat helpful but not complete. There was no easy way to find the bottom of why something didn’t completely work. It was certainly pretty effective, but not completely accurate. And without understanding why something was called any given label, there was no way to find the exception to the rule.


What became ever clearer to me was that the structural overlay on the revelation was confining one from seeing directly. Instead of being able to grasp the rule, a student’s knowledge was restricted by the name or the label, so the habit of just saying what was memorized made it possible to talk to someone about the chart.


The other thing was the pressure to prove that you knew everything about the chart. There was a certain guilty feeling that pervaded any reading, that the analyst was just to download onto the person. It was not interactive.


It’s a very hard habit to break. I know from several of you that you dispensed with parts of that early education; possibly already dropped the Rave I Ching in favor of more holistic interactive approach, used different I Chings, though I don’t think anyone else did what I did, which was to completely remove the entire structural overlay of Ra’s initial interpretative bias to expose the revelation is all its glorious simplicity.


I say that it was hard to break the habit of all that I had memorized, but at one point, I began the deconstruction by asking “do the planets really fix the lines?”


What I realized with that one question was that in fact I couldn’t understand either planets or channels and by dropping the interference of the fixing of lines, I could start with a new I Ching. You may know, I use Hua-Ching Ni’s Book of Changes and the Unchanging Truth. As I delved deeper into the study of the I Ching, it was clear that Ra’s lines were far from “changing,” the translation of “ching,” but were in fact static and often felt like indictments. Changing into an I Ching that is about the potential growth in any given life-lesson began a journey into joy and fascination with the four elements.


What was also apparent was that the spiritual path was sadly deleted in Ra’s interpretation, but how should that be? Each of the four elements represents a path to spiritual unity and awakening.


As each of the four elements came to the forefront of my attention, I was constantly finding myself enthralled at how truly magnificent and effective the Human Design System is. As a disciple of Osho and a student of Socrates, I needed to see how the principle of Know Thyself might work. Also, it was touted to be a logic system that anyone can prove him or herself.


That means, all of us should question if we really know something for ourselves or whether we’re just repeating something we’ve learned, or whether we’ve confined our potential understanding to fit within a much narrower view by just pre-defining how you’ve learned something works. Question any assumptions you are not sure about. Like channel names, or gate keynotes. Can you find the underlying reason for any given name or label?


So now the Course is done. After the six-year deconstruction and discovery process and two years working with Chaitanyo to finally output it, this work is ready to share with you. If you love Human Design and still use it to some degree, it would be a tremendous gift to me if you would add this to your library. I guarantee it will be enhancing your knowledge and simplifying your Human Design work.


Human Design has captivated me and completely consumed me with an enormous drive to see if it is possible to find the path to the revelation itself. This challenge brought me to a mastery of the synthesis of Human Design, so I present you this accomplishment so that you too might find a direct way to know how this mechanism works for yourself, without anyone’s slant. This Course is a complete work, and anyone who loves Human Design will find it an absolutely essential reference.

January 2008