Heath Ledger

Heath Ledger’s untimely death is a good reason to study his chart. What was in the natal chart and what was in that transit? Prior to looking at his chart, from the news descriptions, my guess was that Heath had an undefined Spleen center and so couldn’t differentiate what was healthy for him. I also presumed that he was emotionally defined. My hypothesis was correct. You can look at his chart and also the approximate time of his passing here.

 I searched out the birth info, and though this is a Noon chart, throughout the 24 hours, it confirms my suspicion of someone with an undefined Spleen center and a defined Solar Plexus center. Look now at the transiting Pluto to his natal Plutos defining the channel 57 – 10 connecting two centers not otherwise defined (Spleen and Ji). One comment I read from a friend of his was that he was guarded but very warm and kind. This would be a good description for the channel defining the Heart center to Solar Plexus center.

A few additional considerations of his chart:

At one time during the day, there was a Sacral center to Root definition, so I do not want to write about those two undefined centers. (Definitely important to have a valid birth time. It is the reason the Rodden Rating is X.) Otherwise, he had a split definition To Wait as the definition type, and an inspired/inspiring mental projector, potentially an emotional generator or projector, depending on birth time.

February 2008