On Emotional Definition

Until you understand your own design, you have no clue what you contribute to any relationship. A reflecting area in the chart can be highly volatile and feel completely at the mercy of the other person’s energy. In a way, we are all at the mercy of everyone’s energy, and this is the one major reason to understand your own nature well enough to take your part in the clean-up. 

I am emotionally defined and when I think back on my emotional outbursts and assumptions of thee world’s appreciation for my intensity, it is the best lesson in understanding how impossible it was for me to recognize the impact I had on others. Looking at the charts of all significant partners and family made it quite evident how that “completely violent” type partner (no definition in the Solar Plexus), was in fact, reacting to my emotional definition, couldn’t handle the energy, and so fought me to make the terrible feelings go away.

Of course, emotional definition is also related to passion, so with those intense conflicts would come equally intense making up sessions that are the basis for the descriptions in Women Who Love Too Much, and the concept of co-dependency; that both partners participate in a cycle of break-up/make-up and have real attachment issues, bonded through intensity.

Early in my Human Design study was to figure out what the awareness potential of the defined Solar Plexus might be, and one thing that occurred to me was “when undefined, it is NOT aware. Full stop.” This meant essentially that being emotionally reactive was never a time to act. An easy sentence to say, but when you’re swept up by the passion of the moment, quite a different thing to discipline oneself.

However, as my studies took me deeper into the I Ching, and Buddhism (Ch’an, the notion of self in other), I decided that all emotional situations were an opportunity for me to take full responsibility for myself and not decry the other as being emotionally irresponsible or reactive. It didn’t matter who did or said what. What was critical was to clean up the energy and restore harmony.

As a disciple of Osho, Master of Masters, the realization that each of us has to be the master of ourselves came to me upon his departure. Chaitanyo came into my life at that time, and my sense was, “we have work to do.” It is only now that I have understand so much more that I see he and I were both having a strong transit of Saturn (work) to natal Neptune (spiritual path).

A few years later, Human Design came into our life and became our work. For Pisces Chaitanyo, he has always wanted his work to be playing the music of the spheres, expanding and dissolving into the (Neptunian) cosmic oneness. For me, Aries, Philosopher, Star watcher, Tarot reader, Human Design was right up my mental alley. So as we muddled through our relationship intensity, the built-in lessons of what it means to wake up accompanied learning Human Design.

My path toward enlightenment brought me constantly to the lesson that if I were to be a master of myself, what would that mastery be? How would I recognize it? Mastering relationship dynamics in my own life certainly seemed to be the repeating pattern, the lesson that I seemed not to learn. I was driven to test the mechanical premises led to an uncovering of the path, and at this moment in time, as I contemplate our world, it is clear to me that until each of us takes responsibility for how we treat others, we are all deeply asleep.

It seems that for each one of us, we need to individually learn how to treat others with respect and kindness. So for those of us with emotional definitions, we get the lesson to wait instead of react, and for those with the undefined Solar Plexus centers, you all get the lesson to wait instead of react.

That’s right, we all get the same lesson, though it works differently in defined Solar Plexus vs undefined.

The tricky emotional differentiation of the energy from the potential awareness indicates that the energy needs restraint in order to release the illumination potential.

See how far you get in identifying those with Solar Plexus definitions and those without. You might find yourself almost always wrong at first until you learn how this energy works.
But the lesson never goes away. You just get better at grasping what it’s trying to teach you.

So with that, wishing you all the best on the way.

February 2008