Zeno & Chaitanyo

Neutrinos Have Mass

Neutrinos are emitted by stars and travel through the universe at near the speed of light. They penetrate us and everything else by the trillions per square inch every second, without being slowed down. The Human Design System is based on the premise that they have mass and therefore change and are changed by the bodies they penetrate. The Neutrino stream, altered by the planets, is the ongoing conditioning program, the basis for what is calculated and displayed in the various Rave charts.

So far, this has been an assumption, confirmed only by individual experience of the truth of Human Design, but not by science. A few research projects to measure neutrinos have been in progress. Recently, an international consortium of 120 scientists announced that neutrinos are indeed different after passing through a planet (using Earth as the test object). Leaving, they “oscillate,” entering, they don't, proof that they get changed, and therefore, have mass.

16 June 1998, Human Design Network Newsletter