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2023 Pocket Ephemeris for the Human Design System


Chaitanyo’s sessions are honest and revealing inquiries into your life in the light of Zen Human Design. These are not your usual “readings” that drape you with ... continue.


From beginner to professional, you can take these online classes at your leisure.
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Human Design Beyond The Cult

We, Zeno and Chaitanyo, met Ra Uru Hu in 1993 and became his associates with the task to establish the Human Design System in America. We were among his first analysts and teachers worldwide, responsible for the spread of the information and the original Human Design School.

For the first few years, the basic mechanics of Human Design were seen as a hypothesis, to be examined over time in an experientially scientific way. In 1997, however, Ra introduced his “Four Types” with their attendant rules of behavior “authority” and “strategy” and subsequently insisted that these were an absolute. Uninspired by the infallible “guru,” this set in motion our eventual break-up, which was completed by the end of 2000.

While Ra continued to bloat and refine his catechism, we continued our exploration based on what he originally presented. We refused and ignored everything he pulled out of his hat after 1997. After a couple of decades, the result is a vastly different Human Design from what developed under his tutelage, far removed from the misguided Jovian cult of slogans and labels that confuses the messenger and his opinions with the message.

Zen Human Design is pure, original Human Design, refined by 30 years of experience and observation. It is simple, and it is applicable because it directly relates to your daily life and your environment. We are sure that this is what Human Design was always meant to be.

Even after Zeno’s death, her recorded classes continue to inspire new students with her sane, compassionate and in-depth presentation of original Human Design.

Chaitanyo has continued with the work, and with further, growing insight offers one-on-one sessions for students and casual clients, and occasionally writes a newsletter.
He recently published Auracle, Zen Human Design's very own orginial Human Design software.


New: Auracle

Original Human Design Software

Auracle's Individual panel

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. Transit, Transit composite, Transit preview, Transit review, Ephemeris
. Composite, Composite transit, Triple composite
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Learn to live consciously and in harmony with others

Human Design is immensely helpful if you want to live a more conscious life. For personal growth, self-improvement and better relating, the Human Design System is an incomparable jewel. By clarifying everyone's "realm of responsibility," it's liberating and useful in any possible relationship situation - romance, friendship, family, parenting, teaching, counseling, workplace - there's no limit to the applications.


In times of trouble, Human Design to the rescue

In times of personal crisis and conflict—when your relationship is in trouble, or you have problems communicating with your kids, when you feel stuck in any area of your life and are not sure what's going on, Human Design helps you gain a fresh perspective on your life and how to handle its challenges.

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For professionals, a treasure trove of insight

Anyone in a helping profession will soon find Human Design an indispensible tool in their arsenal of skills. Counselors, therapists, social workers, teachers, life coaches, career advisors, human resource managers, all will discover that Human Design illuminates depths with ease and accuracy that were previously hard to access.

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• See who you are.
• Identify your true, dynamic nature.
• Recognize your strengths and weaknesses.
• Understand conditioning.
• Clarify behavioral patterns and habits.
• Uncover your crossed wires.
• Get clarity on the dynamics of your relationships.



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