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Human Design Transmission vol12, # 1   


--  Quick Tutorial at the HDP Symposium 

--  New Reference Card "Gates in Centers" 

--  Uranus in The News 

--  The Pope's Chart




--  Quick Tutorial at the HDP Symposium 

--  New Reference Card "Gates in Centers"


Happy Spring


In preparation for the 5th Annual Symposium, Chaitanyo and I have been working for some months to create new materials for beginnners. Called a Quick Tutorial, this very condensed set of essential Human Design concepts should provide a very solid overview of chart mechanics. It is a very satisfying result, and one of the components of the Quick Tutorial is a new, (and wonderful!) reference card that helps you find your way around the body graph.


Although we’ve been on the task for now more than 11 years to develop study materials, with each generation, these teaching tools improve enormously.  We are making this reference card available to you, when you would like to order it. It costs $6 (plus $2 shipping). To purchase, visit our shop at  or call 505 758-2909.


HDP, The Association of Human Design Practitioners is hosting the 5th annual Symposium, this year in the Santa Cruz mountains, California. I will be giving the tutorial for newcomers, and when you’re interested in this one-day introduction prior to the weekend lectures, you can contact me directly or you can check out the full schedule at


If you are new to Human Design and want to have the chance to apply basic principles to your own chart, this symposium is an ideal opportunity. In the past, more advanced practitioners spent time with newcomers answering questions from their different perspectives, making it possible to absorb and assimilate the information over more days. Besides the tutorial, the weekend lectures are geared for all levels of understanding.


This year’s event focuses on the I Ching, with special guest Dr. Arnold Tayam, one of the preeminent scholars of medical Qigong and master practitioner of the I Ching, who will present traditional I Ching applications, hexagrams, trigrams and lines. Besides several other speakers, Monday is reserved for an open forum and discussion opportunity. I greatly look forward to this chance, so rare to find time where real discussion can take place for creative thinking and applications of the principles. There are some compelling questions to ask, including, how do the hexagrams really interact in channels? And, how do the four gates of the Sun/Earth activations operate?


As a member of ISAR, I receive their weekly e-zine. This past week, an interesting submission caught my attention, and I am passing this on to our readers. Chaitanyo says the paper being cited, Bild, is a sensationalist paper, rather like the National Enquirer, but there are some interesting tidbits, like this orbit lasting until 2012, that very significant year for all kinds of predictions.







-- Uranus in The News


sent in by Kathleen Croese, NL:


Uranus may be responsible for recent devastating Asian sea quakes because the mystery-shrouded "planet of calamity" is unusually close to the Earth, tabloid newspaper readers in Germany were warned on Wednesday. Under the front-page headline "Uncanny Uranus", the report in the Bild newspaper cited an array of experts, ranging from Nasa scientists to TV astrologers, saying the seventh planet from the sun possesses a "quadripolar" magnetic field that acts as "a giant cosmic vacuum cleaner". This heavenly Hoover is literally sucking the Earth's tectonic plates out of their beddings, according to Bild, Europe's largest daily newspaper with more than five million readers.


This magnetic pull is strongest along the Earth's equator because the tropics are marginally closer to Uranus than the poles are. The magnetic forces "are strong enough at the equator to suck up electrically charged dust particles", which could, in turn, disturb the Earth's crust and spawn killer sea quakes and resulting tidal waves. The reason these natural phenomena have increased of late is that the distant planet's orbit has brought Uranus uncomfortably close to Earth. Instead of being its usual 3,14-billion kilometres from Earth, Uranus currently is a mere 2,59-billion kilometres away. And it will remain this close through the year 2012, so Bild warns that we could be in for more uncanny Uranian catastrophes well into the next decade until Uranus slowly retreats back into its proper place in the Outer Solar System. "With its 11 rings and 18 moons, Uranus is in fact different from everything else in our Solar System," said Edward Stone, Voyager project scientist since 1972.


The German paper quoted Stone at length, saying that Voyager 2 had raised almost more questions than it had solved. Since launch on August 20 1977, Voyager 2's itinerary has taken the spacecraft to Jupiter in July 1979, Saturn in August 1981, then becoming the only spacecraft to visit Uranus and Neptune, in 1986 and 1989 respectively. Both Voyager 2 and its twin, Voyager 1, will eventually leave our solar system and enter interstellar space.


Voyager 2's images of the five largest moons around Uranus revealed complex surfaces indicative of varying geologic pasts. The cameras also detected 10 previously unseen moons. Several instruments studied the ring system, uncovering the fine detail of the previously known rings and two newly detected rings. Voyager data showed that the planet's rate of rotation is a brisk 17 hours and 14 minutes. The spacecraft also found that uncanny Uranian magnetic field that is both large and unusual.

Because the axis of Uranus is tilted at right angles to all other planets, its rings are at 90 degrees to the planet's orbit about the sun. But the paper also quoted astrologists who noted that Uranus has always been an oddity. It has been equated with upheavals, calamitous change and general quirkiness since it was discovered and added to the Zodiac in the late 18th Century. "There's a planetary constellation right now that could be responsible for flooding and earthquakes," astrologer Karin Stahl said ominously.


And Germany's best-known astrologer, Winfried Noe, who recently launched the world's first occult-arts television network, Astro TV, was quoted as saying the phase of natural catastrophes could last a decade or more because it takes that long for Uranus to transit an astrological sign. "Uranus is currently in the sign of Pisces," Noe told the paper. "And that is a harbinger of disaster."

By: Ernest Gill






-- The Pope's Chart


To see or download  the pope's chart, visit, and then click the little “newsmakers charts” ad on the right.





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