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Human Design Transmission vol. 13, #1


-- Chinese Year of the Dog

-- January Transits

-- Notes on the 2006 HDP Symposium




--  Chinese Year of the Dog


Itís the time of the Full Moon, the first one of the year before the New Moon that marks Chinese New Year. This will be Year 4703 by Chinese calendar. January 29, 2006 is the first day of the Chinese new year. Year of the Dog. With 12 animal names, year names are re-cycled every 12 years. The formal name is the year of bingxu. .   In this naming system, there are 60 names, and the Name of the Year is repeated and re-cycled every 60 years.


If you read Bernadette Bradyís visual newsletter, you might have been struck by the infrequently occurring event that will follow this full moon. Titled The Prince takes the Crown, Brady describes Saturn retrograde in Cancer with the Moon rising above Saturn. Itís a time of peaceful reconciliation, a suggestion that times might be more peaceful.


She writes ďAbout every 800-to-1000 years a particular sky narrative is repeated. It is not necessarily one of the great sky narratives. It is a simple story of power shifting from kings to their heirs, from Prime Ministers to Chancellors, from Presidents to Vice Presidents; the end of one era and the beginning of another. Sometimes it occurs in small clusters over a fifty year period. Sometimes it occurs just once, then repeats itself after 800 to 1000 years. 

ďIt is a pattern involving Saturn in the stars of Cancer being over-ridden by the full moon at the time when Jupiter sits comfortably in the place of the king Ė the stars of the Scales.Ē

This event of Moon conjunct Saturn occurs on January 15th.

Here is a possible interpretation about the Moon rising above Saturn. It is a call to council, a sign for women to shine their full light of understanding above the boundaries imposed by the patriarchy. (This is true for both men and women. Itís an unleashing of the receptive feminine within.)

As we prepare for the 2006 HDP Symposium, the presentations bode well for a truly transformative time through a very innovative feminine and holistic approach to oneís chart and Human Design. 


-- January Transits 


If youíve checked out the planetary activations for January, youíll readily see that how the year was ending last year with lots of definitions continues into this year, beginning with this Full Moon in 62.4 on January 14, conjunct the Earth (opposite the Sun in 61.4) and forming a definition with the North Node in 17.4.


In the Tree of Life link ( the astrological properties and correspondences are included. The  text on the Lunar Nodes is very illuminating, suggesting that this is considered by some astrologers to be of enormous significance in a chart. It is the direction of spiritual fulfillment, Dharma, of integration and reunion with the Source.


The full feminine Moon shining the reflected light of the Sun grounds us in expressing what is true. Venus conjuncts the Sun in 61.4, reinforces this time of being an ascension of the feminine to bring forth the inspiration of inner truth. Mars in gate 2 is opposed to Jupiter in gate 1. Have courage in being receptive at this time and expand into your own expression of who you are, while remaining receptive to the spiritual implications in listening to others (Neptune in 13, Saturn in 33).


Remember that the yielding of discipline to yearn for the highest possible spiritual dimension is also being mindful of the boundaries that yield to retreat (33) rather than to fight. This is always useful.

The 2006 Pocket Ephemeris is a useful, everyday reference for oneís practice and study of Human Design.


zc design also has another new product, the Reference Gates in Centers Card that gives you an easy way to find your way around the body graph. Perfect for new and intermediate level students. $6 + s&h. Is a perfect companion to Hua Ching Niís Book of Changes and the Unchanging Truth, $28 + s&h.




-- Notes on the 2006 HDP Symposium


(For more information on the symposium download the flyer from, or


Iíve been reading Secrets of the Millionaire Mind by T. Harv Eker. Iíve been enjoying the lessons about money, thinking about my ďvalueĒ and what I give away; what I donít hold for myself.

Harv suggests that you view money from the blueprint you have etched since childhood as the start. You need a container in your being that is big enough to contain wealth and also that you donít sabotage yourself, fritter away what comes in, etc.


There are many pragmatic and straightforward topics, such as you have to bring in more than you spend. Period. The goal of the book is to encourage people to achieve financial freedom to enjoy life, work only because itís what you want to do and have the choice to be generous with others.


The lesson around containment in Harvís book about money hit home, especially since I had so recently come across a very interesting website for Kabbalah that described the spheres as containers. In the Tree of Life, what is potentially contained is the Spark, the God-essence that emanates and animates our lives. Itís energy, as is money.


The presentation I found very helpful. Perusing the site at some length to really discover all thatís there has been personally very helpful. For a student of Design, itís important to truly grasp the notion of the Tree of Life. After all, the body graph is most similar to it than to any other of the four elements of the synthesis. It holds tremendous information.


Just to summarize what is pertinent to what I now write, the sephirot (spheres) are likened to containers that hold the life qualities of what is manifest in our human experience. Being able to hold, or contain, the characteristics is part of what our work on Earth is about. You can move through the spheres to balance between. For example, too much severity can be neutralized with more mercy. The spheres are connected to each other in many ways; one way is through the three vertical ďpillarsĒ with the feminine to the left, masculine to the right and equilibrium in the middle. The notion therefore that the centers are ďcontainersĒ naturally grows out of this.


So back to my money container. The Heart center is where I look for themes around materialism, support, encouragement, so itís natural for me to begin reflecting on my money themes around the undefined Heart center in my chart. ďContainingĒ money is an important lesson for me. Itís hard to talk about my rates, for example. There is a stigma common to women I feel, something like ďdonít think too much of yourself.Ē


Harv recommends 10% saving Ė never to touch, only to allow it to grow, 10% for fun to balance out the severity with a little mercy!, 10% for education, 10% working investment, 10% donation and 50% necessities. The allocation exercise asks you to see your resources. One of my big resources is my knowledge and deep wisdom in how to use Design on the path of consciousness. Many people call or email me with questions. Iím always happy to take time to respect what and who comes via phone or my inbox.


However, that is saying I donít need to be paid for my work and I realize, thatís not true. During the meditations on this theme, it became clear to me that I am absolutely happy to support any student questions of those committed to HDP or who have already taken the zc design Course in Human Design. For HDP members, the possibility to ask any of the professional practitioners for any input, feedback, questions opens the potential of what HDP can offer also means that I am not the only person who can answer queries.


These exercises come at a good time for me, when I value the work I do more than at any other point in my life. My dedication to HDP and the Symposium takes me into wonderful conversations with the faculty. This yearís event has so much to offer. One of the concepts that was inspired by conversations with Annata is how to use Design to really go beyond the map, to see directly into the embedded encoding. To quote Annata here, it isnít about the map, itís accessing whatís inside each of us that we can perceive ourselves directly, without Mind interpreting and interfering with direct experience. She will be presenting this main segment. It is such a thrill for me that she agreed to share her tremendous insight and inspiration. She is an invaluable resource for my deeper understanding, as Iím sure she will be for all the attendees.


Since my segment for the Symposium is Planets in Channels, I have been preparing by studying Kabbalah. As a map, it describes the journey of God communicating his Creation and Presence in every aspect of Existence. What does this say? That we each carry the Divine Spark and what work we do and how we contribute to others, also what our Dharma is and what our Karma is can be seen in the Tree of Life. My other recent study reference is The Planets, by Dava Sobel, a great book for any Design student to gain a clear picture of the planets from a scientific view as well as the historical perspective and mythological stories. Insightful. The price of the book pays for itself just in the chapter on Mercury. Mercury is a key planet and its role in a Design chart has not been well-described or understood.


In Human Design, the Tree of Lifeís basic structure gets customizes for your particular moment of birth. Although we all have all 10 sepheriot, all seven chakras, all nine centers, and therefore all the characteristics of them, only Human Design allows us to make a calculation that identifies where we are stable and where we are vulnerable. The I Ching gives the life themes through the lines, providing the interpretation. It also is another layer of the lesson of the containment, this time of Chi.


In both the Kabbalah and the deeper study of the I Ching, the process of being able to contain the light, the Yang, the positive force, the Divine Spark of God, to hold it in yourself through a higher understanding is the objective.


In having conversations with Annata as she excitedly shares her discoveries in the I Ching, Iím completely inspired. (She does have the 64-47.) Lately, sheís been drumming in the realization of gathering Chi, Holding Yang, that once again, the Vessel, our bodies are containers and contain the Light. But, she cautions, itís not about the map Ė itís whatís encoded in us that is mirrored by the map Ė but it is not the map.


This is so essential to take in. This is a major point. It is not another version of labels, names, formulas, advice. This is about directly Knowing Yourself. To learn how to directly decode and recognize what you see imprinted in the chart, the map that mirrors whatís inside. Annata has consistently described her workshop segment as  ďsomatic.Ē Meaning experientially sensory Ė not Mental! She is not interested in an intellectual teaching as much as facilitating the awakening, the aha! for participants.


Bettina and I are also in regular communication about the topic sheíll be presenting at the symposium. Sheíll go further with the Sun Earth matrix (HDP members can download this lesson at to already begin exploring and delving into this very potent manner of going specifically into oneís own chart, not just a formula). Bettina has a gift to bring forth profound impressions that can alter oneís path.


Barbara is a life path coach who sees the value of the tool in the coaching applications. Sheís also a sand-tray therapist and works with orphans in Nepal with sand tray and other creative art expressions, since she feels the creative spark in us also holds important keys we donít easily access but that surface when allowing a different part of ourselves to perceive. She will be facilitating a collage-making segment where images of the nine centers will be assembled in a body graph to allow us to better penetrate how we experience them.


Rupaís right now in India. Sheís our hostess this year. She has arranged the star-watching night, the facilities, catering for the lunches and will be offering the morning meditations. A joyous spirit!


As one of the very first HD students in the world, I have been observing now in my 13th year how differently the various ways people unfold within their own application of Design. Initially, this was told to us, that everyone would use Design according to their individual natures. We tried to codify to help people learn, but this unfortunately relegated students into the memorized, borrowed knowledge rather than self-knowledge.


For Annata, it is not about the system, but going directly in. For Bettina, it is about using her deep perception to see the personís life path. For me, it is understanding the path of truth and making the world a better place by taking responsibility for ourselves.


This yearís preparation for the Symposium has been personally such an awakening and joyous process. Consider this opportunity to really explore a dynamic, creative process to find your own inner guidance and truth. Break out of the rigid formulas. If you are an advanced student of Human Design, a teacherís training will be held April 27. A revolutionary approach to learning design that will liberate you and your students from tired formulas. When you are pretty much a neophyte or even an absolute beginner, the tutorial will provide you a condensed overview that prepares you for the weekend.


Register early! Space is limited. Rooms are available on a first-come, first-served basis. Register by January 29 to enter a drawing for free accommodations at the Kolealea Retreat Center.




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