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Human Design Transmission 13.02


-- Design Reconsidered

-- I Ching Primer





-- Design Reconsidered


Over the last seven and a half years, I completed the deconstruction process of unlearning all the names and keynotes I’d so arduously memorized when studying with Ra. Just to say, this wasn’t easy, since the initial interpretation and later adapted interpretations are catchy, giving a short way to say something memorized rather than knowing something for yourself.


Of course the limitation of this is you can’t figure out what the exceptions are, why any given conclusion or phrase was used and you’re speaking in borrowed language that by definition is a belief. As many of you know, I had the privilege of talking almost endlessly with Ra while he stayed with us over those first six and a half years of introducing him and promoting Human Design. I spent quite some time to as accurately as possible help students learn the key phrases and basic structures Ra taught. So I feel somewhat responsible for how this proceeded and continued after that point when I knew there was a fundamental flaw in the education.


At that time, January ’99, while reviewing submitted tapes for approval, it became glaringly obvious that we had a problem when one diligent student who had created a data base of all the phrases possible on any given hexagram, center or definition sent in a tape composed entirely of those phrases, without one original thought or formulation. I spoke with Ra about it, who brushed it aside suggesting he would take care of talking with that person. It didn’t matter much to him, but it did highlight for me that the very starting point of the training we’d developed was profoundly flawed!


From that moment forward, I began to shift attention to what clients or students can know for themselves, away from pat formulas and labels. As the process continued, it became clearer and clearer what a frightful mess it is for someone to love Human Design and to assume that how Ra interprets it is the one and only way. We see this in religions and cults around the world that start with a charismatic leader who is easily idolized and who then states that he or she is a direct recipient of instructions and behavior codes for the masses via the popes, cardinals, mullahs or monks.


In my experience, this “follow me, I know the way” is a very questionable proposition. All the cross, profile, type and strategy formulas with their handy names, many of which give you the “huh?” feeling, got developed after my tenure was over, and so it was easy for me to question this bombardment of slogans and phrases as action plans (waiting to be invited is an action plan). I was astonished to hear from people that as a projector my theme was bitterness, but for generators it was frustration and manifestors, anger. Wow, what a trip, to make sure people start off feeling guilty about themselves and then follow this with instructions for how to act in the world to minimize one’s fault! Just Wow.


Regardless of type, everyone experiences these feelings. So of course, those who are suggestible take those themes on and own them, discounting that as a generator, they maybe deal with anger, even though they’re not manifestors. For me, all of the “themes” are human, and everyone gets to find ways to center rather than react. This does not require a strategy. We don’t need to be told what to do. It is a question of paying attention, taking responsibility for being reactive, using the chart to observe the mechanisms.


It was very encouraging for me to uncover the four elements of the synthesis (Kabbalah, chakras, I Ching and astrology) as they applied to the revelation of Human Design. My search for this knowledge was greatly enhanced by reading Hua Ching Ni’s I Ching. This was the first book where I found the wheel sequence used in Human Design, so I bought it as a reference, especially because it was published in 1983 and therefore preceded the date of the revelation. But of course, by the time you understand the order of the wheel structure, you’ll also realize this is an ancient formula. It originates with Fu Hsi and his arrangement of the eight trigrams. The wheel is a logical development from that.


Each deconstruction step I took lifted me up, gave an enormous surge of light and joy to discover the potency and power of the synthesis by returning to the original four elements. It soon became apparent that the essence of each of these elements, the spiritual aspect, was absent in Ra’s synthesis. These are “direct” lines to God, not through a priest who translates for you what God is trying to tell you, and so for me, it became ever clearer that Human Design study needed to shift attention to direct knowing.


By streamlining the interaction with a client or newcomer, it became possible to help someone to directly identify with what they already know, and of course, there’s not much memorizing, since a practitioner who comes from the point of self knowledge, shifts the emphasis from learned phrases to having a conversation. When you don’t know what something means, fish, ask questions, but for heaven’s sake, don’t tell the person something you learned from someone else! Qualify what you say to allow the other to edit and help you nuance what it is you’re seeing in a chart.


So my journey has brought me to this point in time where the work with Human Design is a joy, free of clutter. It was not easy deconditioning my brain of the memorized ruts of someone else’s perception. I spent some time being remorseful that I trained so many students in that manner. But I learned Human Design like that from Ra, who I greatly admired and loved. And I understand others who feel admiration and love for him and his work. Nonetheless, I am enormously relieved to finally come to my own knowledge and to guide others in their learning of Design free of all those dreadful names.


At long last, I now will give a class open to all called Human Design Fundamentals, Sept 30-Oct 2 in Taos NM. You don’t need any experience, but for those Human Design students who are interested in my work and are already familiar with authority and strategy, be advised that this style will not be used.

You can register online for this class at, send a check to zc design, or call 505 758-2909 to give a credit card number. Price is $400 + $25.25 tax or $350 + $22.09 tax when paid by August 31.







-- An I Ching primer with Annata Black


A one-day I Ching primer To naturally be, without interference… taught by Annata Black on September 29 will precede Zeno’s HD Fundamentals class. Here’s what Annata writes about it:


You are unchanging Truth, the still point at the center of life’s constant change. The Book of Changes and the Unchanging Truth, the I Ching as translated by Hua Ching Ni, is the source of this introductory course.


The intent of the study is threefold: to understand fundamental elements and principles of the I Ching; to enter the Balanced Way through shifting attention from the constant oscillations of mental life to the rhythmic movement of your true nature; and to become a conscious expression of your life’s evolving potential.


From the hexagrams of your Human Design chart, principles of the Balanced Way are unfolded ... your natural being revealed, without interference.”


The workshop costs $100 + $6.31 tax.





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