Subject: Human Design Transmission 13.03

Human Design Transmission 13.03


-- The I Ching

-- Book and CD: To Naturally Be, Without Interference

-- Workshop: To Naturally Be, Without Interference

-- Last Call: Human Design Fundamentals





-- The I Ching


The I Ching is one of the pillars of Human Design. Its essence is the awareness of the totality as the continuous interplay of opposing forces, resulting in continuous change. The I Ching describes tendencies and processes, not absolutes, and suggests a state of mindfulness and consciousness amidst the turmoil of life.


There are a confusing number of I Ching texts available, from Wilhelm’s early translations to new present-day versions. In our experience, most fall short of being useable for Human Design, including the Rave I Ching, which attempts to codify human behavior and thereby obliterates the essence of what it claims to be (a Book of Changes).


The one eminently useable I Ching we found is Hua-Ching Ni’s. Master Ni is from a long unbroken lineage of Taoist masters and healers who handed down the knowledge of the I Ching as a book of wisdom. His language and understanding shine with clarity and compassion, making this a definitive translation and elucidation of the ancient texts. The book is available from zc design.


Hua-Ching Ni: The Book of Changes And The Unchanging Truth. 673 pages, hardcover, $28 plus $6 shipping.*


For new students, order the Gates in Centers reference card to accompany the I Ching. $6 ($1.50 shipping included with I Ching order).*



-- Book and CD: To Naturally Be, Without Interference


Even a masterfully written I Ching like Hua-Ching Ni’s is based on the understanding of the complex interplay of solid, broken and changing lines, a daunting task for many.


A new book and CD by Annata Black, To Naturally Be, Without Interference, offers a shortcut to understanding the essence of the I Ching. The beautiful, illustrated book takes you straight to the core by provoking a visceral sense of the relationship between Yin and Yang. A clear and concise I Ching Key provides a welcome overview of all 64 hexagrams, a feature worth the book’s price by itself. To support the visual aspects, an audio CD narrated by Annata completes the package. Even if you haven’t been looking for an easy entry into the I Ching, this publication delivers unexpected insight.


Here’s what Annata says about it: “You are unchanging Truth, the still point at the center of life’s constant change. The Book of Changes and the Unchanging Truth, the I Ching as translated by Hua Ching Ni, is the source of this introductory course.


“The intent of the study is threefold: to understand fundamental elements and principles of the I Ching; to enter the Balanced Way through shifting attention from the constant oscillations of mental life to the rhythmic movement of your true nature; and to become a conscious expression of your life’s evolving potential.


“From the hexagrams of your Human Design chart, principles of the Balanced Way are unfolded ... your natural being revealed, without interference.”


Book, 54 pages letter size, CD, 54 minutes: $49 plus $6 shipping*



-- Workshop: To Naturally Be, Without Interference


Annata will introduce her subject and her book in a one-day workshop in Taos, New Mexico, on September 29, preceding Zeno’s HD Fundamentals class (below).


The workshop costs $100 + $6.31 tax (includes book and CD).



-- Last Call: Human Design Fundamentals


Sign up for Zeno’s Human Design Fundamentals class September 30-October 2 in Taos, New Mexico (following Annata’s workshop), to learn the basics of a Human Design that no longer relies on belief in labels and slogans attached to a human being, but is open enough to take one’s actual life experience into consideration.


You can register online at, send a check to zc design, or call 505 758-2909 to give a credit card number. Price is $400 + $25.25 tax



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