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Human Design Transmission vol. 14, #1

28 January 2007



-- New CD: Ganesh on the Chakras

-- 2007 transits and the Pocket Ephemeris

-- Human Design Fundamentals

-- How We Relate – The 7th Annual HDP Symposium





-- New CD: Ganesh on the Chakras


Ganesh is a Cranio-Sacral therapist, chiropractor, Pilates instructor, meditator and a student of Yoga since the 1970s. His knowledge of Sanskrit, the traditional meanings of the chakras and of anatomy merge in this unique blending of East and West.


With humor and lightheartedness, Ganesh will give you an entirely new understanding how the chakras inform our bodies. The application for a student of Human Design is immediate, inspiring and eye-opening. It’s a thrill to offer this new 75-minute CD to broaden your understanding of the Human Design centers.


$15 + shipping in US $2.50, abroad $5 *





-- 2007 transits and the Pocket Ephemeris


With the transiting Neptune leaving gate 13 and entering gate 49, we enter a period of emotional reformation, perhaps a time when all of us take a little more responsibility for our emotional energy when we’re disturbed or to be sensitive to how we are truly deeply connected and that taking care of others is taking care of ourselves (Neptune’s spiritual longing for union).


With the Sun’s transit from gate 41 this week to gate 19 next week, we’ll end the month of January with a planetary definition from the Root gate 19 to Solar Plexus gate 49. Watch and observe. See if you can notice any collective differences.


Pluto will also leave Sagittarian gate 11 February 8 and enter cusp hexagram 10 where it will be affecting the sense of self for a few months to give a taste of what will come before it retrogrades back into gate 11 at the end of May. It will return to gate 10 on December 8 where it will remain for all of 2008 and 2009, finally exiting in 2010. This is Pluto at the end of generous Sagittarius entering the early degrees of Capricorn.


This little ephemeris study is but one overview you can get by having a copy of the 2007 Pocket Ephemeris. For anyone interested in Human Design, this is an invaluable tool for watching transits as they affect your chart or the planet. Convenient, in an easy-to-read table, a month at a glance and it’s a handy way to share Human Design using the image of the cover art of the body graph in the wheel.


$12 + shipping in US $1.50, abroad $2.50 *





-- Human Design Fundamentals


Zeno has been teaching Human Design since 1994, always using a fairly experimental approach to find new ways to bring the magic of Human Design into a lively exploration and self-discovery. The Human Design System gives you a chance to really understand yourself in an entirely new way. In this class, you will learn what is trustworthy in yourself so that you can make better decisions for important concerns in your life. Because you affect everyone differently, it is helpful to learn what your impact on others is. Also when you recognize what gifts you have, you can better identify your strengths to see what kind of work might be fulfilling, or what might be a good role for you in a business environment.


How you affect your family members is a critical piece of what it means to live in harmony in the home. You are invited to bring the charts of friends and family to use as examples or case studies. In this three-day class, Zeno takes you through the basic mechanics of the body graph, the calculation, how composites work and transits. You will leave this class with a solid grasp of your own chart and the effects of conditioning.


In Taos, February 23-25, $450 + NM tax; $400 when paid by January 31





-- How We Relate 


The Association of Human Design Practitioners (HDP) is now preparing for its 7th Annual Symposium, this year in beautiful downtown Portland from Friday, May 4 through Monday, May 7.


The theme is How We Relate. How can Human Design provide a benefit to our interactions with other people? How can we learn our Designs well enough to develop healthy relationships? These questions will be the focus of this year’s gathering that promises to be an exciting exploration of Human Design.


For the first time this year, HDP offers its certification program and therefore has scheduled two tracks; one track for beginners (Human Design Fundamentals, Level I) that is open to everyone, and a second track for advanced Practitioners, the Level III Practicum for professional skills development.


The Level I for beginners is a full three days of training that allows a solid immersion into how Human Design works. This class provides the theory and gives students a practical, person-centered approach to apply to one’s own chart and life experiences. You will learn how others affect you and also recognize your impact on others.


HDP is developing a humanistic and holistic style of Human Design consulting. This certification program includes three levels. Level I for beginners is offered at the symposium. The Level II Practical Applications class is available by correspondence for any student who has completed Level I. The Level III Practicum is offered at the symposium and begins with supervised practical applications on previously studied Level II theory. Discussions of various types of sessions, including composite studies and understanding transits give the participants a solid professional skill set.


To insure the market a true value for what a Certified Level III HD Practitioner can offer, the program includes counselling skills, professional ethics and consulting techniques. On the last day of the symposium the Level III participants will give case studies to the entire group including the Level I participants as part of the certification requirements. This should be very inspiring for the new students to see how different people develop unique styles and demonstrate the enormous creative flexibility in working with charts.


Last Minute Reminder for the best discounts:


There are two early payments discount dates. The first discount is 10% off when payment is received by January 31. For payments received by March 31, registrants will receive a 5% discount.


Great rates are available for Symposium participants through the Holiday Inn Express when booked by April 1. Call the hotel directly to reserve your room, 866-492-1100.


To find out more, visit


To register for the symposium, send an email to, or call 505 758-2909.





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