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Human Design Transmission vol. 14, #2

22 November 2007


-- The Course in Human Design v.2

-- 2008 Pocket Ephemeris

-- HDP's Certification Program



Dear friend,


An email from zc design is a rare event, so you already know that the news are interesting. Indeed, we have a great new product to announce, one that we consider to be a true achievement and a gift for everyone who loves Human Design.



-- The Course in Human Design v.2


Our Course in Human Design has been the vehicle of choice for hundreds of people around the world to efficiently and economically learn the Human Design System. While it was careful to stick to the revealed principle mechanics and to avoid speculative "absolutes," the Course was inadequate: the keynotes, names, labels and stories it used were still based on just one man's perception. That's convenient, but not recommended for liberation. To be really useful for the seeker of truth, the Course needed to trigger the student's own understanding and thereby promote self-knowledge.


Work on version 2 began already in 1999 with the initial questions as to how this could possibly be achieved. It made sense to explore and research the four elements and to see how they synthesize, rather than taking someone else's word for it. After several years of a kind of chelating process to un-train the mind from all those highly suggestive but narrow labels, indeed, it turned out that the understanding of the mechanics is the key to discover your very own Human Design words and stories. It took another two years of intense focus and collaboration to bring the whole thing into a functioning and very affordable form.


We are proud to present to you the Course in Human Design v.2.

It is all we were trying to achieve and, as we realized, something more: A definite manual and complete reference for the Human Design System that has the capacity to take a student from the first steps to potential mastery. Human Design has never been simpler to learn or as useful and beneficial a tool.


Book, soft cover, 144 pages, 8.5x11", with 10 thoroughly illustrated lessons

10 Audio CDs by Zeno, corresponding with the lessons in the book

only $200   (plus shipping)


Buy here now:


To celebrate the occasion, we'll enclose a free 2008 Pocket Ephemeris (see below) when you order the Course by Winter Solstice.


If you've purchased the Course in Human Design between 2000 and now, you qualify for a special upgrade price of only $150.

Available at this special link:





-- 2008 Pocket Ephemeris


The good, old Pocket Ephemeris, published since 1994, in a slightly streamlined version for 2008. With a new wheel! An invaluable tool for watching transits, beloved and used daily by the old-timers. Convenient, in an easy-to-read table, one month at a glance.


$12 + shipping


Buy here now:





-- HDP News


HDP, the Association of Human Design Practitioners, is making strides in implementing its Certification Program. The Course in Human Design v.2 serves as the training materials for all three levels and is included in Level I.


Learn more at


HDP holds an annual symposium since 2001. The next one will be held from April 3-6, 2008 in Taos, NM. The theme this year is "The Birth Imprint" that will focus on the planetary conditioning for the time of gestation and will use the Personality and Design moments as transits to the mother's chart.


To see more and to download the flyer, visit 





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