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Human Design Transmission
Volume 15, number 3
July 7, 200

Human Design transmission

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- Dear Reader
- New Centers CD
- Tarnas HDP Class now available on CDs
- The Tao Oracle Session
- Spiritual Responsibility
- The Course in Human Design v.2


Dear Reader,

This is a time of great changes happening on every level of life as it is now on Earth. We are all being asked to take our parts in the growing awareness challenge to walk with a lighter step in terms of energy and material (mother) resources; and it’s also that we are all being asked to walk with a cleaner emotional footprint.

The centers are archetypal energies endowing characteristics we all experience. Everyone has all nine centers; therefore we all know and experience their energies. Brenden Jemison: Sacred Heart

When you look around our world, it’s very easy to see how the unevolved Heart center manifests its energy. In its lowest expression, Heart center energies include war, selfishness, egotism and arrogance. But we’re in an accelerated time of evolution aiming to awaken the Solar Plexus awareness field and that’s where you can see the emotional footprint.

We can all do our part in healing the collective through our own individual Heart center energy. In its highest form, the Heart center is generous and loving, supports and encourages, protects and defends. It is also competitive and competing, fighting, protecting, defending, proving oneself or feeling the need to prove something through force of will. At its most dysfunctional, Heart center energy is a negative masculine force that can be self-centered, self-aggrandizing, willful, aggressive or arrogant, angry, polarizing with another (us against them, as in war).

Whether your Heart center is undefined, and therefore gets conditioned or defined, and therefore is the conditioning, you experience this energy every time you get tense. This is a clue for seeing it in yourself and others around you.

When the center is undefined, that’s when you’ve got to be really careful not to magnify that conditioning energy, inflate or be competitive. You’ve got to stay on the lookout for when you sing your own praises when getting this conditioning. Sometimes that can be a real healing in self-esteem. Other times, you can exaggerate your abilities and potentially embarrass yourself.

If the Heart center is defined in your chart, you will see ego energy mirroring and maybe magnifying back to you, and when you see it, it’s a chance for you to clean up that energy in yourself. Don’t judge undefined Heart center people overly harshly when they puff themselves up in the light of your conditioning.

Heart center gates 40 and 51 are both part of channels that convey the connection from the 3rd to the 4th chakra. 40 conditions the evolution for humanity through people with the whole channel defined to aid the potential of the emotional healing by balancing self (40) and other (37).

The 51 also infers the potential jump of the 3rd to the 4th chakra, oxygenating blood through the lungs breathing in its connection with the Ji, Prana. This primarily Aries channel can initiate awakening to another dimension of higher love and awe for the greatness of divine Presence.

If you have the Heart center undefined, your cleanup is to stop arguing and defending yourself in the multitude of ways where you try to prove your point. Let it go, it’s not yours. You can’t really defend yourself, so shift your attention to what you need to feel good.

Your part in the cleanup when you have this center defined is to identify when someone gets on the defensive around you and to check whether you are feeling tense. If so, lighten up and take a breather. It’s possible that you are causing discomfort or maybe even harm to another, and you can transmute this energy by seeing yourself in everyone. This is the way of Tao.

Each of us is responsible and can clean up our own consciousness fields, which is simplified enormously by truly understanding our designs — not just little catchy phrases — but the energetic signature of the function and dysfunction of your aura, the magnetic field you radiate.


This heart-warming video brings me to tears:


New Centers CD

Centers being defined or undefined is the essence of the Human Design System. Nothing is more beneficial to yourself or others than knowing how conditioning works.

To identify how you experience the characteristics of the nine centers in your life is the first step toward understanding conditioning. Conditioning in your undefined centers reveals the ways in which you operate that may be dysfunctional habits based on not knowing your design and may not be healthy for you.

When you feel conditioning effects on yourself, it can give you the beginning tools for observation and eventual recognition of what others might be going through when you condition them. Whatever is activated and therefore colored in your chart, conditions others. Whether that is a comfortable or challenging conditioning for someone else depends on how clear and clean you are in your energy.

When you truly grasp that we’re all in it together, taking full responsibility for your energy and doing your best to stay open, trusting and non-identified with conditioned energy in your undefined centers goes a very long way toward making the world a better place.

This new CD presents the energetic dynamics of the nine centers. Centers being defined and undefined teach the most basic lesson that continues to reveal insights for as long as you study your Human Design chart. This is the synthesis and condensation of Zeno’s research into the four elements, yet presents this very simply for any newcomer to Human Design. Most students will benefit from listening to this CD, too, as it introduces the elements of the synthesis (chakras, tree of life, hexagrams and astrology) to broaden the foundation of one’s understanding of the centers.

Zeno: The Centers

Zeno: The Centers
1 CD, 1 hour 8 minutes

To order and for more details click here
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Tarnas HDP Class now available on CDs

Richard Tarnas is an esteemed philosopher of our time. His highly respected and influential work in the field of cosmology and consciousness make him a sought-after guest lecturer around the world. As an award-winning astrologer influenced by Jungian psychology, Richard has integrated the planetary archetypes into an incredibly rich understanding.

Those attending the insightful lecture he gave at HDP’s April 2008 Symposium were touched by his brilliance, command of history, philosophy and psychology. It was amazing to have someone of this caliber, education and refinement to speak on planets for the Human Design audience.

This lecture was an impressive distillation of a 10-day class Richard and Stanislav Grof gave together at the California Institute for Integral Studies in 2007. Combining his very popular lecture on planetary archetypes, Richard wove the psychological constellations of the perinatal birth matrices (Stan’s work) into an illuminating correspondence between the planets and the stages of birth and gestation.

In his work as a cultural historian, he highlights the planetary configurations of sweeping epochs using music, the arts and more to reveal meanings of the planetary archetypes. It’s just beautiful.

The 4 CD set is Rick's very first presentation to a Human Design audience. A collector edition for sure!

Richard Tarnas: Planetary Archetypes

Richard Tarnas: Planetary Archetypes
4 CDs, 4 hours 30 minutes

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Note: There are two tracks on CD 3 that have some electronic distortion (total under two minutes) we left in to keep the content continuity.

In addition, Richard’s book Cosmos and Psyche takes you into his extensive research of correlations between planetary alignments and historical events. He also lays out what’s in the heavens now and coming up in the next years. This seminal book is sure to benefit your knowledge of the planetary cycles and their significance.


Richard Tarnas: Cosmos and Psyche

Richard Tarnas: Cosmos and Psyche
570 pages, soft cover

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The Tao Oracle Session - New!

Step into the magical realm with Zeno using the Tao Oracle cards. See how to use these cards for an intimate conversation with your inner self. Call upon the archetypes of your psyche to ask what they have to teach you.

Zeno will help you identify the elements to synthesize using the Tao Oracle reference set. You’ll learn how to use the cards to reveal your chart activations so you can do this yourself and with your friends.

The Tao Oracle cards and Zen I Ching allow you to enter into contact with your higher power to answer and guide you.

The session uses the Tao Oracle and zc design chart.
Recorded. 120 minutes.

Introductory special, $200 when booked by July 31st,
thereafter, $300.

Call 575 758-2909 to book this session with Zeno.

Ma Deva Padma: The Tao Oracle

Deva Padma: The Tao Oracle
Box set with 64 illustrated cards & the Zen I Ching, 320 pages

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The Tao Oracle is also available in French and Spanish.
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Spiritual Responsibility

The discussion of our spiritual responsibility was the subject of a recent Planet Waves article. You might find it of value as well.


The Course in Human Design v.2

"Thank you for the clarity both in the book and in your explanation on the CD. Finally, I believe I can get this! Thank you for putting the pieces together in such a logical manner."
Genesis Harper, New York, NY

Check out more testimonials!

The Course in Human Design v.2

The Course in Human Design v.2

Book, soft cover, 144 pages, 8.5x11",
with 10 thoroughly illustrated lessons
• 10 Audio CDs by Zeno, corresponding with the lessons in the book

$200 plus shipping

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