Human Design transmission by zc design

Human Design Transmission
Volume 15, number 5
September 14, 200

Human Design transmission

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- Current Trends
- Sunspot-less August
- The Presidential Race: The Candidates and their VPs
- Learn Human Design - Join HDP
- New: Tao Oracle Reference Card
- The Modes Now Also On CD
- The Course in Human Design v. 2



Current Trends

Saturn’s transit gives you a great opportunity to see the hexagrams of Virgo. Because Saturn’s transit through any sign is generally a bit longer than two years, it remains in a hexagram an average of 24 weeks. This gives you plenty of time to observe its conditioning effects on you when it forms a channel with a gate in your natal chart.Saturn

September has big action by Saturn. Earlier this month it was in conjunction with the Sun. The week ending September 14th, Saturn forms a channel with the Sun in Ajna gate 47. Are you feeling inspired or skeptical? Is your thinking more critical than usual?

By September 15, the Sun enters gate 6 in the Solar Plexus that forms a second Virgo-Virgo channel with gate 59, followed by Virgo in the Ji gate 46. When the seasons change the Sun is in a hexagram that starts in a mutable sign that changes into a cardinal zodiacal sign.

In this case, the Sun in cusp gate 46 leaves mutable Virgo and enters Libra. This is autumn equinox and signals the equal length of the day and night. Libra in the Ji points us to Libra in the Spleen, to “correct the corruption” (name of the hexagram). This is the time to pay attention to the body consciousness field that already began with the triple conjunction of Mercury, Venus and Mars in Libra Spleen gate 57, very strong on September 12. This is especially potent in consideration of Pluto’s transit in Ji gate 10. (This is because it forms a channel 10-57 that is defining the Ji and Spleen for everyone.)

Saturn is in a wide opposition with Uranus in Pisces that will intensify from October 16th through March of next year when Saturn moves into gate 47 opposing Uranus in gate 22.

In his lecture on Planetary Archetypes and in his book Cosmos and Psyche, Rick Tarnas said that this time is a reawakening of the planetary cycle that began in the sixties when Pluto and Uranus were conjunct in Virgo. The intense planetary pattern from the sixties that marked change, upheaval and rebelliousness, is emerging especially through the coming of age for those people born during that famous decade.

Pluto’s transit in Capricorn suggests we’re in for a transformation in government, corporations, business and as Capricorn begins in line 2 of Ji gate 10, it starts with identity and behavior, to transform the self (Ji center) through how we act. This is the beginning of the eruption, transformation or potential destruction of institutions. We’ve already been witnessing the tremendous breakdown in financial institutions, such as the demise of Bear Sterns, the multitudes of foreclosures and the catastrophe of the mortgage banking industry.

10 is a cusp hexagram and includes the last degree and minutes of Sagittarius. Pluto’s entrance into this gate was December 7, 2007. It entered Capricorn in January and will complete its transit of gate 10 in 2010. The Sun is in gate 10 at the cusp of fall to winter (northern hemisphere). It is opposite to 15 and square to 46 and 25.

The four gates mentioned are in a quadrature alignment, that is, the major astrological aspects to each other: the conjunction (in the same gate), the opposition and the two squares. When the Sun enters gate 46 on September 20, it squares Pluto. If you can remember to, observe yourself and others, also the media and press on issues relating to personality (identity), power craving, irritability or arrogance (Pluto and Sun together).

When we are influenced by transits, it’s helpful to use the opportunity to see the shadow in ourselves and to reconcile ourselves with the inherent limitations of being human, mortal and not yet enlightened.

This election represents a potential for tremendous transformation of identity by the behavior (gate 10, Treading) of respect for individual rights. Also, this is Pluto, and this can easily be the destruction of impeccability in behavior and a loss of respect for the rights of all individuals.

Following hexagram 46, the Sun is in 18. When it’s a birthday and therefore represents the Sun Earth matrix, it shows the next quadrature alignment that includes the first Libra cardinal hexagram 18. This pattern is quite distinct, always the first of any completely cardinal hexagram (after the Ji cusp hexagram), and forms a channel definition of Root gate 58 that fuels the corrective force of the sensory awareness of what’s healthy, 18. Opposite 18 is Aries gate 17, squaring Cancer 52 and Capricorn 58.

Look back on the last transmission to get a fuller picture of the four quarters. The I Ching lesson is one of the most profound lessons on the essence of the I Ching, a core element of the synthesis. Most of us read this kind of newsletter superficially if at all, and so this reminder is to encourage you, if you don’t really comprehend the I Ching, take the time to study that lesson. It gives you all you will need to continue indefinitely learning about the essence of change and Tao.

This month’s lesson is basic astrology on the quadrature to understand the synthesis of these two elements. You can put these two lessons together and combine the four quarters of the line pairs from last issue with the quadrature. It’s the same structure.



Sunspot-less AugustThe Ssun on August 31, 2008

Here’s an amazing report about a sunspot free month of August. Historic, and maybe signaling cooling toward an ice age. Brrrr!! The latest Farmer’s Almanac predicts a colder and snowier winter…


The Presidential Race:
The Candidates and their VPs

You can see all the charts for the major party candidates here.

Especially for those of you who know Human Design pretty well, these charts are good for you to look at yourself.

It’s very hard to stay neutral, and the bias I have when looking at the charts colors my perspective. However, when you’re interested to read my first impressions of these composites for the candidates, click here.

Political opinion about the candidates and the charts:

This election is of tremendous and historic meaning for the US and for the entire world.

It’s obvious that the defined Heart center energy with the Republican spin pumping up American egoism and its right to fight and to kill for peace is based on loyalty and belonging to the side of the right, the side of the good, the side of defending the moral right to fight, to compete, to war. The Heart center is specifically about war, competitiveness, fighting and defending, so phrases like “support our troops” is very Heart center energy. More on the Heart center in Transmission 15.03.

I urge you all to consider whether you want this form of Heart Centers For War choice. McCain has one slogan, he sticks to his guns and believes in fighting till all is over. Are we so unable to hear him say, Vote for me, I’ll drill for oil and fight to the finish? I will never give up or let America down. A Vote for McCain is a vote to fund endless war.Make Love Not War

His VP choice, Sarah Palin, represents a setback in women’s rights of at least 50 years.  The abstinence-only sex education her teenage daughter received obviously condemned both her daughter and the boyfriend to be young parents, rather than getting to explore the joys of young love, raging hormones and the thrill and ecstasy of having sex. They lose their late teen years to early parenthood and their education is now a domestic one.

Inspired by the coverage of Ms Palin, who in my mind cannot be said to be pro life as much as pro guns, anti choice and anti abortion, I now conclude that this language is very deceptive. Recently I was called to answer a survey that included the question “do you consider yourself pro life?” and without considering the meaning of the words and by conforming to the norm of pro life versus pro choice, I answered No, I am not pro life.

I hung up completely agitated. Then it dawned on me how very clever this is. Of course I am pro life, but I was trying to answer that I am pro choice! This is dangerous manipulation. Control through language and meaning. What I should have said is, Yes, I’m pro life. And if asked Am I pro choice? I could have answered Yes again.

The language of pro life is one to challenge. True pro life people are anti war folks, not anti abortion. Being both pro choice and pro life is possible. Let’s take back that meaning of pro life for those of us who are not in favor of species extinctions, war, genocide or murder.

Sarah Palin in her office with dead bear

We are now given a choice for electing a woman as vice-president who absolutely supports the patriarchy, the church, big oil business. Her stance condemns the environment and collective resources to remain in the hands of the military and oil corporate interests, and who might be in place to pull the wool over our eyes that we vote for a beauty contestant instead of the smartest person in the class.

The two Heart center defined candidates will be loyal to their own interests. The North Node is in 13, Uniting with People that comes into definition for Barack’s Sun in 33, and John’s Mars in 33. This is the one influence I am most interested to see how it plays out. Astrologer Brenda Black notes “The moon is void of course on Election day so I think Spirit will be present so the candidate who is best for the USA will win.”

Can we go toward the future, Aquarius gate 13 in the Ji, or shall we get pulled back to the old way, the old man, and the past, Leo gate 7, Military Leadership?

We need to look at where we're going and agree on the right picture for the best possible outcome for the majority of us.

For an astrological report of Palin and the current times,
Eric Francis’s text is great.

And here is a text by Eve Ensler I find clear, true and to the point.

Here Arianna Huffington warns of the Trojan Moose. She's right-on.

Deepak Chopra's bit is good, too.



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