Human Design transmission by zc design

Human Design Transmission
Volume 15, number 6
November 4, 200

Human Design transmission

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- The Not Self Myth
- New: 2009 Pocket Ephemeris
- New: Chiron Ephemeris 1921-2050

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The Not Self MythThe Not Self

The Sun in Scorpio brings us Halloween followed by the Day of the Dead, All Saints Day. It’s a day to honor our ancestors, those forebears who contributed to our genes and therefore our physical vehicles, and also to our conditioning lineage that formed the people we become.

It’s an important understanding that who you are is directly influenced by who your parents and siblings are, how they affected your design and also how they reacted to your design. This is a very early step in grasping the mechanic of Human Design.

One piece of this is that you are not just what’s defined. The concept of the Not Self some people use is very misleading. Though there is merit in recognizing what’s conditioned in you versus what is stable, the conditioning field is your experience. It’s not as though undefined centers are not you. They just operate differently from centers that are defined.

Take this in: We all have all nine centers. Everyone knows how emotional energy feels. All of us know how being defensive works or insecurity feels. Any of us can tell when something is mental. This is not hard. Identify for yourself when you are conditioned in a way you don’t handle well, and see that this does not give you a reason to justify reacting. Just learn better technique by practicing wu wei, the martial art of yielding, letting the opponent’s energy pass right by.

Many times, instead of just excusing ourselves, we might try to tell the other how we don’t like the feeling, or inflate ourselves to feel superior to the other. Most of us have developed bad habits in the undefined centers and are reactive, using the strongest definitions in our own charts to make the other person feel bad. Unfortunately, this usually is pretty ineffective. Bad behavior, while understandable when we don’t know any better, is to be cleaned up when we do.

When you get this, it is foolish to fight with conditioned energy, whether that’s a mental argument or an emotionally charged situation, or trying to defend yourself when you have an Ajna or Solar Plexus or Heart center undefined. Learning to see that you do not operate well in this manner gives you the necessary information to excuse yourself and get out of the way.

However, you’re the one who has to discipline yourself. Once you experiment with a few new ways of fielding disturbing energy, you’ll find that it is reinforcing and very rewarding. Equally, learn to see your own effect on others being reactive in centers you have defined, and then relax that energy. Whatever centers are defined in our own charts can be directly modulated by ourselves.

This is an exceptionally beneficial and effective way to use Human Design. It makes the world a better place when you figure out how to treat yourself and others with greater kindness and respect.


New: 2009 Pocket Ephemeris

Since 1994, zc design is publishing the annual Pocket Ephemeris. Despite that data being available in computer programs, many people appreciate the convenience of a portable booklet that doesn't require electricity and easily fits in pocket and purse to go with you wherever you go.

2009 Pocket Ephemeris

2009 Pocket Ephemeris
32 pages, 4x6.5"

$12 (plus shipping)

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New: Chiron Ephemeris 1921-2050

Chiron is a mix between an asteroid and a comet, orbiting the Sun between Saturn and Uranus. It's named after a centaur of Greek mythology, a cross between a horse and a human, the result of a one night stand the god Chronos (Saturn) had with a nymph. Rejected by his mother, Chiron was adopted by Apollo who schooled him well. Chiron grew to be a wise healer and teacher, a bridge between humans and gods. As an astrological archetype, Chiron is said to embody healing, transformation, service, spiritual growth and the process of becoming aware.

Although Chiron doesn't activate gates in a Human Design chart, many Human Design practitioners, along with astrologers, find meaning in the natal position of Chiron and its transits along a life trajectory, particularly its return at about 50.7 years of age. Answering many requests over the years, here's finally a Chiron Ephemeris displaying Chiron's movement through the hexagrams and lines, easy to read and use, as you're used from zc design. With one year per page, it covers 130 years, from 1921 to 2050.

Chiron Ephemeris

Chiron Ephemeris 1921-2050
136 pages, 5x7", soft cover

$19 (plus shipping)

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