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Human Design Transmission
Volume 15, number 7
December 6, 200

Human Design transmission

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If you've been watching the night sky soon after sunset in recent weeks, you'll have noticed two bright lights in the southwestern sky moving closer and closer to each other every day. They are Venus and Jupiter who conjunct in Capricorn hexagram 61. They were joined by the New Moon last weekend for a spectacular display of the three kings, the three brightest heavenly objects of the night, all in one place.

The photos were taken in Taos, New Mexico by Chaitanyo. Above is November 30, below December 1, 2008.

At the end of November Pluto entered Capricorn where it will remain through 2024. Pluto is the archetype of the grim reaper, the shadow, the destroyer, the volcanic, seismic breaking apart, death. Pluto is also transformation, and rebirth, to arise. But it’s hard to go through the intensity of the transformation.

During Pluto's past 13-year transit through Sagittarius, we saw the enormous greed, inflation and excess that are signatures for a dark side of Jupiter-ruled Sagittarius, which is also generous and fun loving.

Capricorn is more restrained and measured, not impulsive or rash. It represents our institutions and financial vehicles, material. Scrooge is the archetype of a negative manifestation. Being stingy. The evolved form is thrifty, seeing ways to build structures of wealth; Capricorn in its highest expression possibly.

Capricorn represents what it means to conserve, to be conservative in the best (and worst) sense of the word. Collectively we're moving into a greater understanding that wastefulness with our material resources, what was done in the name of the "conservative party" was criminal to the Whole. We're in it together and the proper "Treading" (hexagram 10) is to be impeccable. To not take more than can be used. No more hoarding.

And, as so often, it is recommended you read Eric Francis' astute and current astrological observations. This time he writes about the "Great Attractor," a very interesting phenomenon at 14º Sagittarius.


The ObamasThe Obamas

Michelle Obama, the next First Lady, is of interest to many now as we watch the news, follow along with the stories of her preparation for life in the White House with her daughters and husband. She has already captured much attention, so what’s her chart?

Her birth time has not been published, though the day has been, so we’ve made an excellent study chart as our celebration gift to you. The chart is shown on two pages. The first page shows the body graphs, which change several times during the 24-hour period due to the Moon positions. The second page shows the data field to give the details of what changes.

Then, you can see the composite possibilities also shown as six body graphs on one page.

Can you decide which is the right chart and guess during what time she must have been born? Send in your educated best guess along with your reasoning. We’ll keep them on file and publish the results once the birth time has been announced.

Zeno has undertaken the educated guesswork herself and presents her conclusions in an audio file that's available in our digital goods store (scroll down to the bottom, where you'll find The Obamas).

This is also a fun lesson for anyone who wants to be able to offer Human Design for a person who doesn’t know the birth time.


Year End Special: 10% Off

It is such a hopeful result that the US has elected a thoughtful, intelligent person to be the next president. The planets are in direct motion this month, president-elect Obama is preparing his cabinet, and maybe we'll be seeing creative solutions to the numerous challenges we now face as members of the global family.

In celebration, we offer you a 10% discount on all zc design products and services, with the exception of charts and digital downloads, starting December 6, noon Mountain Time, and ending December 31, noon MT. Visit our shop and take advantage! Please note that you need to order from the products overview page, not from the individual product pages, to receive the discount.

We thank you for your patronage and wish you all a loving holiday season.


Gift Ideas

December begins with the Sun in Sagittarius. This Jupiter-ruled sign represents higher learning, the philosopher and generosity. The Sun enters Capricorn at Winter Solstice that celebrates the return of the light. 

It's a good time time to consider with care what it is we value, what really matters, and what teaches a good path to our world community. In giving something that lasts and will continue to benefit long after the present has been unwrapped, consider a gift of awakening and learning to be conscious.


What could be a more timely or meaningful gift than a Human Design reading? Nothing helps more to become conscious of how we walk on this earth and how we relate to fellow walkers.

You can get a Basic reading for $65 (now just $58.50), which explains the fundamental mechanics of a design, or, for $225 (now just $202.50), delve deeply into any area of interest, including relationships and transits.

A book that will be a well-loved, oft-used reference is always a great gift. Hua-Ching Ni’s Book of Changes and the Unchanging Truth is such a treasure, an invaluable guide for any Human Design student to tune into the hexagrams.

$30, now just $27! (plus shipping)

Casey: Making The Gods Work For You

Caroline Casey’s Making the Gods Work For You is a lively, fun read unfolding planetary influences into a very clear, mythic-rich, wildly humorous and memorable prose, a great present for any beginning or intermediate student.

$24, now just $21.60! (plus shipping)

Osho: Breinging Up ChildrenIn celebration of Osho’s Sagittarian birthday on December 11, we’re offering the DVD on his lecture Bringing Up Children. This is a great gift for a parent and can be combined with a basic or composite reading to really take in deeply the spiritual implications of parental conditioning. Nothing highlights our impact on others more clearly than a Human Design chart.

Osho spoke eloquently on how parents condition their children, and encouraged parents to allow children to be influenced by many people rather than just one or two parents. This ties into the benefit of Human Design directly, so see how you condition your child and are conditioned by your child as well.

For Osho, true education consists not in helping our children but in letting them grow free, to develop natural talents, and reach an unknowable potential as unique individuals. Osho emphasizes that the first seven years in a child’s life have a determinant, powerful significance. 

$18, now just $16.20! (plus shipping)

Remember to place your order on the product overview page, not on the individual product pages to receive the discounts.



The 2009 Pocket Ephemeris

Are you prepared to face the gods' games in 2009?

2009 Pocket Ephemeris

2009 Pocket Ephemeris
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