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Human Design Transmission
Volume 16, number 3
July 15, 2009

Human Design transmission

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- Michael Jackson: A Study in Conditioning, part 1

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Michael Jackson: A Study in Conditioning, part 1

To really understand anyone’s Human Design chart, you need to have a solid sense of how centers that are not defined (not colored) in the chart might operate and then combine that with the defined centers to see how a person might be able to stabilize his or her experience.

The energy of any given center that is not defined is not usually understood accurately. It's likely that the person misreads the data input to that field and then believes his or her own misinterpretation. This is where the Human Design System can really help to prevent the worst catastrophes by helping you learn not to react to conditioning in your undefined centers or by taking something in a completely wrong way.

In recent weeks, Michael Jackson’s chart keeps coming to mind as I read various articles outlining who he was or wasn’t, or seeing videos of those moments in his life when he was trying to clear his name or reputation, so judged as strange, weird, dangerous, guilty, sexually perverted, unwholesome or otherwise a bad man. He didn't have a chance to be recognized for his incredible vulnerability or innocence.

What a tragic life his must have been, to have been so enormously talented, but completely misunderstood, and very little chance to understand himself.

The first center to look at in his “candle burning at both ends” life and death is the Sacral center. This center gives the generative, creative power and vitality, life force,Michael Jackson so this is where to look at the energy for dancing, or rehearsing. He had an enormous conditioning field (people behind him dancing) for the videos, including at the last days of his life while rehearsing. He was not on stage alone, and when that Sacral energy was conditioned, he appeared very alive, sexy and vital. He reflected the energy that was conditioning.

If you look at the Thriller video, you see an image of very sucked-out life-force. Although he was at the peak of his career and creativity, those images were a kind of foreboding. The undefined Sacral center was his undoing. His life force was depleted.

When I look at his chart, I can’t help but want to populate the various centers with their planetary cosmology, those activations in the chart where you can see the forces of the gods as they encourage us to discover ourselves. For awhile now, I’ve been mulling on Pluto in the Sacral center as a sort of double-up of key meanings for both Pluto and Sacral. This is advanced Human Design. I write it for those of you that have gotten far enough in your studies to actually begin to integrate the planetary forces. Otherwise, it’s an introduction in integrating planetary energies into a chart.

MJ’s chart shows both South Nodes (first half of his life), telling us that it was his destiny to experience the Sacral center and the meaning of sex, power, pushing or forcing. Plus he had both Plutos and Design Earth in this undefined center. I consider the Design Earth as a conception point (nine months before the birth) and as an initial motivation to come into form. Adding up this particular internal planetary picture of MJ’s undefined Sacral center brings prominence to what he was meant to experience and learn.

Let’s remember the basic mechanics, that whenever a center is conditioned and therefore comes into definition, all the activations in that undefined center participate. Already mentioned, the South Node tells us that this was his life theme (42 and 3) until 1999, to explore generating, sexual energy and power.

What should be added for Pluto? Transformation, death, obsession, taboos, all things hidden, debt, sex, money, the phoenix, volcanic eruption, oil, underground, certainly zombies would be Plutonic in nature. How shall we integrate these to an undefined Sacral center? Sacral center gives us life force and also death.

One thing we want to consider is how the Sacral center’s energy works. You probably already know that it is best if this energy is responsive, creative and receptive. It’s also the center for staying busy, repeating, and can be pushy or make a person force him or herself to Do.

When we look at the habits of conditioning, it is here that we can see what it means to have habitual pushing of oneself. This can be quite debilitating (de-vitalizing) to one’s energy. At the end of his life, Michael was rehearsing his latest show to prove to the world that he was still a musical force. He definitely pushed himself, and rehearsed repeatedly, to bring his creative power to the stage.

It was notable that he couldn’t sleep, couldn’t relax or let go, and this was the source of his attraction to the heavy drugs he took to finally go to sleep. Think of habitual conditioning of constantly pushing himself to Do and not allowing himself to just Be, as would have been appropriate for his design.

Michael Jackson’s chart gives us a rich study and clues about our own Sacral centers, whether defined or undefined. I will continue with the subject of centers being conditioned in Michael’s chart, and the next installment will be soon.

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