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Human Design Transmission
Volume 16, number 6
September 12, 2009

Human Design transmission

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- MJ - A Study in Conditioning - Part 4 - Ji center
- zc design Becomes Zen Human Design
- Readings With Zeno

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MJ - A Study in Conditioning - Part 4 - Ji centerJi Center

This center is associated with identity, love and direction. It's how you see yourself in relation to others. When you point to the middle of your chest to refer to yourself, you’re using a universal gesture to indicate this is you, your identity. The general meanings include the higher guide within, God, Love, Beauty, the Totality, sense of place, direction, and awe.

Like all the centers, it can either be defined in your chart or undefined. Having this center undefined can bring up insecurity or even issues of paranoia around identity and an unease when in large groups of people. Not knowing who you are can feel like there’s something wrong. However, it can also allow for an enhanced opportunity to magnify the beauty, love or magnificence of the conditioning field or through connecting to the greater Whole.

Michael JacksonMichael Jackson (chart) loved being loved by the huge audiences who flocked to see him perform. Being undefined in the Ji meant that he could magnify the conditioning field of love. No wonder he was so attached to performing. This image certainly evokes a beauty of divine bliss when reflecting his audience's love. Being undefined though meant he couldn’t hold onto those feelings of glory. Indeed, he also reflected back that the world didn't love him, that he was strange, a pariah.

Reflecting and magnifying beauty is the exalted side of the undefined Ji center, while feeling unsure whether your lover still loves you, or feeling weird at a party or socially inept in public situations can cause suffering when there's no small identity built into your nature. It's easy to suggest and maybe harder to practice, but in tough moments, go into nature. Breathe. Expand into something bigger rather than feeling bad about yourself. When you have the Ji center defined, do your best to condition the world with love. That makes your world a more loving place.

A note on the spelling: When I was first introduced to this center for identity, love and direction, I was told it was not a visual clue but a sound “G” so that was how it was written. People would ask, “what’s the G stand for?” Some creative good answers arose around the Masonic symbol of the compass and G, and the mystical concept of Geometry. One undefined Ji center HD friend suggested Gravity worked for her. Other people use God as the closest meaning to this center.

However, what inspired me was a class presented to the HDP symposium in 2005 when Arnold Tayam, a Qigong medical doctor and an I Ching scholar presented a class on the I Ching. It was a thrilling class for many. Some reported a sense of healing from the initial use of the I Ching as specific for HD.

When Dr. Tayam began talking about the attitude someone needs to access this ancient oracle, he presented the concept of Source as the Wu-Ji. He explained that to access the oracle, one must be sincere and quiet to ask a question through a gateway to Source that is the Wu-Ji. This inspired the change from to Ji  to convey insightful spiritual meanings for this center as the portal to one's inner guide and the totality.

From another perspective on how we universally identify the soul, spirit, love or God of this center, I share with you this link from John Otis of the Sacred Wind Foundation. He takes notes from instructions he gets in his daily morning meditations.

This one is On Being Centered. What he writes about is one of the expressions of the Ji center that you have to think of as your Hallelujah center. This is the I AM.


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zc design becomes Zen Human Design

We changed the name!

zc design is now Zen Human Design. In part, it reminds one of witnessing and meditation; in part to state that I practice a form of Human Design  as a tool of consciousness.

I’m a very big fan of Know For Yourself. I think to really understand your own chart or anyone else’s, you are well off to have a firm grasp of how the centers in a body graph are colored or not. Experiencing how you condition or are conditioned is a path that unfolds uniquely for you.


Readings with Zeno

Have you been having challenges with upheavals in your professional or business life? Saturn, representing form, structure, authority, rules and responsibility is now in opposition with Uranus, the rebel, innovator, who desires freedom and independence. This is now through October 13 when Saturn will move into a square with Pluto through December 14. These are heavy transits that represent authority (Saturn) first polarizing with the rebellious part of ourselves (Uranus), and then coming into conflict with Pluto's potentially destructive force, maybe of corporate or government structures.

If you’re interested in an astrological perspective, check out Star IQ’s lecture series by Jeff Jawer and Rick Levine on this opposition, Mercury retrograde (started September 7, 04:45 UT) by Jeff Jawer and Aquarium Age by Ralfee Finn on Saturn here.

In “Making the Gods Work For You,” author Caroline Casey writes on Saturn:

Saturn in front of the Sun“Authority contains the word author. To accept responsibility of being the authors of our own lives, we must reclaim our authority. Saturn often gets a bad rap from people who know a little or even a lot about astrology and associate this god with hardship, fear, and loneliness. But those negative associations are merely symptoms of fending off rather than embracing the Saturn part of ourselves, of not honoring the god properly. Fear is a symptom of loss of authority; when we give away our authority, we should be afraid.”

September Special

I am very happy to talk with you about your life, your relationships, your quest for meaning and purpose using your Human Design chart. This might be a time to get an Annual Checkup with your chart. We’re moving into a time of intense pressure on the identity center, the Ji, by mid-October. How shall you orient yourself toward this incredible opportunity to find love and forgiveness during these times?

For the rest of September, I will offer a 30-minute follow up or additional time to any 45-minute reading booked. Take advantage now!
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