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Human Design Transmission
Volume 16, number 7
September 28, 2009

Human Design transmission

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Current OutlookFall in Taos, New Mexico.

The fall season began with the Sun activating Ji gate 46, this year from September 21 through September 26, before entering the first of the purely cardinal Libra gates, 18, where it is now. This first Spleen gate is working on what is spoiled, and it's about cleaning out what is unhealthy.

Other images are composting, (making something good out of the spoiled) or finding treasures in junk (Spleen, Libra, aesthetics, art), that take us into body themes of health, wellness and feeling good.

Mercury, still retrograde until September 29, conjuncts Saturn in Solar Plexus gate 6. Neptune has retrograded back into gate 49, while Pluto, also retrograde, still activates Ji gate 10. 

There’s a lot of pressure to deal with emotional conflicts and to resolve tension by letting go of the old, ineffective ways of dealing with love problems in relationship. Pluto in the 10 asks us to transform our behavior. Transits affect everyone’s chart and life uniquely, though we share the theme of love, god, truth, maturing, transforming. Let your old and harmful habits go.

The Sun in gate 46 was a taste of the 46 as it might reveal itself in your life. Saturn will move into 46 October 14 and will complete its transit through Virgo in gate 46 at the end of line 2, moving into Libra at the end of October. For everyone born with Saturn in Libra, it means your Saturn return (first or second) is just coming on.

Lots of people have gate 29, so whatever activates Sacral gate 29 in your chart will come into identity-definition (Ji) with Saturn. This squares Pluto, so it suggests a challenge point in your identity, possibly a transformation in your career, or identity of getting more mature in your work and coming into your own authority. Let Pluto destroy all that is false, what is not true, maybe to see yourself in the image of that which loves and creates you, (the bigger picture).

The Saturn Uranus opposition that began on August 29 is still in effect through October 14 when Saturn changes gates to 46. Here is a very good Saturn/Uranus article by astrologer Lynda Hill. It’s in her blog, so she may have added something since. Cruise around to find her excellent text on Saturn and Uranus. She uses Sabian Symbols, the closest to I Ching lines (360 Sabian symbols for each degree of the wheel vs 384 lines of 64 x 6 lines each from the I Ching).


More Views on The Ji

Several people commented on the “Hallelujah” aspect of the Ji. It does fit, doesn’t it?
I also got a comment from an undefined Ji center person who wrote:

“Solitude is no work.
An individual is 'work' (and that's often nice).
A few individuals are more work (and that's sometimes nice, too).
The larger the group the easier I can disappear and then it's again no work.”

This makes sense, so I correct my previous assumption that big crowds can overwhelm the undefined Ji. Reinforcement came in on the issue of paranoia. Lots to watch for all of us about this center.

A powerful Michael Jackson image came to me about the inspiration and expiration of his life, the inhalation and exhalation. A little background for the image: in correspondence with the heart chakra, the cardio-pulmonary plexus and lungs, the Ji is about the invisible force of breathing, prana. “She breathed her last breath” means she died, hopefully peacefully, on the exhale. People also say, “the heart just stopped beating” which means the same but has a slightly different flavor.

I pictured a long 25 year inhale, beginning with that darling boy, then an attractive young man, every year expanding until peaking with Thriller. Then the long sucking out of juice, money, reputation, health, as though the air was taken from him. It seemed like an expanding ride for the first half his life and a contracting ride for the last half. Up and down. Halfway to death, do we all start our descent?


Eclectic Energies - A fun site

Today I went in search of I Ching coins as the heads/tails designation of the Chinese coins. I came across this one site that lets you toss (virtually) the coins just by clicking and in this manner, I was able to identify the heads or tails side.
Look for the tool for using virtual coins. It is fun.

Once I was on the site, I was fascinated to see the chakra quiz. The answers from this quiz coincided with my design, though in this language, the word “open” in Human Design useage would mean “defined.” Check it out and tell me if you find a correspondence with your chart, too. It’s a great primer for the chakras, in any case.

There is also a questionnaire for determining your Enneagram, which did result in the number (Seven) I’ve been told before. That correspondence with Human Design is not so direct, so I have nothing to report further, just that the site might be fun for you, too!

Last days of the Readings Special

Through month’s end (just days from now) the additional 30 minutes on any 45 minute reading is still available. You can book the session to get the rate and use it at any time that is convenient to you.



I love doing these short videos. Here’s one on To Do and To Wait.


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