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Human Design Transmission
Volume 16, number 9
November 18, 2009

Human Design transmission

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- MJ - A Study in Conditioning, Part 6 - Ajna and Head centers
- Webinar - Centers, Conditioning and Consciousness
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MJ - A Study in Conditioning, Part 6 - Ajna and Head centers

Ajna and Head centersIt’s important to understand the basic mechanics of undefined centers. It’s not that the characteristic of any given center isn’t experienced. It’s that it’s not stable. It's always changing. Variations in conditioning are experienced differently. Also you can make things up. You can dwell and fret about that quality. You can suffer insecurity or develop compensation habits in an attempt to mask your uncertainty. You can be very skilled at using the attributes if you can manage to keep yourself open and not contracted. Depending on the overall chart definition, you can see how a person defends or compensates if insecurity is a dominant reaction to an undefined center.

Being undefined mentally, it was reported that MJ (chart) had significant paranoia. Coupled with the undefined Ji, it seems that MJ had a vivid imagination, and stuff could just pour through. When the Ajna center isn’t defined, the person is disadvantaged in making good arguments, and when in the situation where the other person is trying to convince you of faulty logic, it’s very easy to feel persecuted, can’t explain oneself. It’s also true that someone mentally undefined can be very inspired, be a channel for things to come through. This would be an example of staying open and enjoying the experience.

All his undefined centers combine as a unit of openness that must have made Michael Jackson suffer from powerlessness and helplessness. Look at the photo. The caption read, I am innocent (see below). Try to remember when you saw it at the time perhaps. How did you view it or judge him? It looks to me that he got just sucked out in all those undefined centers. You could watch it physically progress, with no way to slow his inevitable expiration.

Couldn’t sleep, couldn’t relax, Michael Jackson had a message of love, kindness and humanity. But his openness made him very easy to attack. Put all his undefined centers together (see previous newsletters), the Sacral, then Root, Spleen, Ji, Throat, Ajna, Head and you might get a picture of enormous confusion.

Michael Jackson denying accusationsHere is a photo of MJ asserting his innocence. “I am totally innocent of any wrongdoing,” Jackson said in a 1993 broadcast. Source: People Tribute Remembering Michael.

Did you believe him? What percentage of people do you think were agreeing that he’s weird and can be accused? What a slap in the face it must have felt to someone who gave generously to children’s charities and was a staunch advocate for the rights of children everywhere. Why would anyone think that he would harm children, he asked. “I love children, I would never do anything to hurt a child,“ he would plead with us to hear.

He was trying to learn what a happy childhood would mean. I think his adopted children did enjoy their life with him. Next installment will bring the topic to his definition!


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The Human Design channel 43-23 and Al Gore

I wrote a post some months back before the site was up, and think it’s maybe fun to read Sex, the 2nd Chakra and the Sacral center.


Webinar - Centers, Conditioning and Consciousness

Zen Human Design classsesYour Human Design odyssey begins when you realize there is a chart that decodes the conditioning field. That’s the revelation! In the sense that it’s a revelation to each of us as it dawns upon us that this chart is for real. If it catches you and you want to find the path in, take this class. It is the starting point from which you can understand everything else.

6 x 90 minutes, webinar, $197

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Free Webinar - The Human Design System Revelation Story

Zeno retells the Revelation of Human Design story with an emphasis on the mechanical structure of Human Design.

Saturday, November 28, at 2:00 pm Mountain time.

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