Human Design transmission by Zen Human Design

Human Design Transmission
Volume 17, number 3
February 17, 2010

Human Design transmission

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- Two days only - The I Ching Primer class
- Through February - Reading discount coupon
- Blog - the Last Michael Jackson installment
- The Revelation
- A short survey

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Two days only - The I Ching Primer class

Enter into a journey through the Chinese wisdom of Lao Tzu and Confucius. Plunge into the real interpretation of the I Ching. It is a self-teaching path once you get the basics. For use with your Human Design chart, you can synthesize the right center information with the I Ching. It’s a magical and mystical book that reveals your own inner sage or guide. You will find it, just like countless others have.

If you are advanced enough in Human Design to know the body graph gate locations and their pairs, you are ready to start understanding the dynamics of the trigrams into hexagrams.Annata Black: To Naturally Be...

The beginning journey of the synthesis combines two elements: hexagrams in centers. Using the wonderful I Ching primer, To Naturally Be, Without Interference, I will give three video lessons on beginning your direct application of the elements. For the right to use Human Design, anyone can use the mechanics of the revelation.

• The Sun Earth Matrix in your chart
• The Nodes and the oppositions
• The Wheel and its hexagram sequence

The Sun is now in the Solar Plexus, late Aquarius hexagram 30. This is Fire over Fire. It brings the attribute of radiance, illumination and clarity.

A Radiance (hexagram 30) Special, only through Friday, February 19,
this class with the workbook is only $39! Order here.


Through February - Reading discount couponZeno

These times are so full of constant change and evolution that I find myself rethinking readings all the time. My latest and greatest are the video readings followed by a half hour consultation. It’s more striaghtforward for me to just provide the mechanical overview of the centers (not the overview of the types). Then it’s easy to identify what key points might be helpful in addressing your current life conditions.

You can get any of the readings for this special offer. I just love the sense of simplicity with the video. It’s fun for me! Choose a reading, then use the code LOOKUP at the checkout to get a 50% discount! Good for the rest of the month.

To maximize your absorption of the video or any reading, it is recommended that you already have the $9 beginners pack II with its excellent reference cards and audio files to review until you’re comfortable with the main tenets of centers being defined or undefined. You also get your Zen Human Design chart, an unbiased display of your design. This is such an economical way to begin your study. Also quite practical for those of you still attached to channel names. Order here.


Michael Jackson's Zen Human Design chart
The Last Michael Jackson installment

The series on Michael Jackson’s chart does a great job introducing centers and to consider the incredible influence undefined centers have on one’s life. I conclude this series in my blog so that other people can make comments. Please check out this last installment on Michael’s definition!

MJ's chart.
Previous installments:
16.03, 16.04, 16.05, 16.06, 16.07, 16.08


The Revelation

Recently, there has been a flurry of questions and concern about the claims made that only those people who are registered with Jovian have a right to earn money using the Human Design System. Here is a short clarification that might help you in your own consideration of this claim.

Ra Uru Hu: It's not mine...
From page 1 of "The Human Design System" by Ra Uru Hu, 1990.

The revelation was free. It was announced like that, so no one needs to pay for the right to use the revelation mechanics, which is A LOT!! The revelation contains the neutrinos, the wheel index, the body graph, nine centers, doing and waiting, definition types, the Magnetic Monopole, two crystals of consciousness and their two calculations, motors, awareness centers, composite connections and transits. This information is posted here.

Where the interpretation begins is with the channel names and keywords, gate keywords, planets fixing the lines, circuitry and then later continued with the four types (or five), strategy, authority, profile, cross names, among the most significantly used and quoted.

My opinion is that this claim to the interpretation of the revelation in The Rave I Ching is acceptable. Many of the names and keywords work, so people are keen on using this interpretation. By now, it has grown into a very large structural overlay that includes the four types, etc. So if you are concerned about it, I recommend dropping the channel names first of all.

The channel names are largely effective, but it's a trap of perception. It's actually making you think the channel is a One Thing, a Definition that has a name. if you skip them, you will discover so much that was hidden behind this mesmerizing spiel. With channel names, you completely miss the far more important and useful center dynamics and two hexagrams combining. You get lost in the Channel Name. The Answer. Without all these names and keywords you’ll go much farther, even to the point of finally understanding the chart!

Take my class (just $39 until Friday). You can learn this yourself.

A short survey

I will be scheduling webinar classes soon, and think 1:00 MT is a good time (7am the next day in Australia; 9pm in Europe). What’s the best day for you? Take my little survey to help me pick the best days for the most people.


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