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Human Design Transmission
Volume 17, number 5
March 11, 2010

Human Design transmission

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- Last chance to buy the Course in Human Design v.2
- Planetary Archetypes with Richard Tarnas

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Last chance to buy the Course in Human Design v.2The Course in Human Design

As this winter gradually finds its time nearly up, so too is the long collaboration with Chaitanyo. It's time to embrace this major transition with an open and trusting heart.

What’s left of the month of March is dedicated to Inventory Clearance. As of the end of the month, Chaitanyo will turn over to me all the remaining product inventory, its bookkeeping, and all his work of the past 17 years for Human Design. Since I am not in the going-to-the-post-office mode, this simply means it’s time to sell off the tangible goods and replace them with digital versions where appropriate.

A great opportunity for you! 
Take advantage of this final clearance sale. Quantities are limited.

In the next months, I plan to offer advanced Human Design classes using the Course in Human Design v.2. So if you consider wanting to delve into advanced Human Design, take advantage of this great deal.

When I originally prepared the course, it was with the idea of beginning to advanced, that students could go through the lessons on ever-increasing layers of depth. Though not simple enough for a complete newcomer, the manual is still chock-full of great intermediate level to advanced lessons.

Now I recognize that beginners need a simpler start. This evolved my thinking until I finally realized where the beginning of the study actually is (with the centers). I plan to offer the webinar Centers, Conditioning and Consciousness very soon, as the pre-class to this Course in Human Design v.2.

This is a closeout sale. So if you were ever thinking about whether to get it, now’s the time!

30% off while supplies last: only $139 (was $200).
Quantities are limited. More details and order here.

Bonus! Anyone who orders the Course by the end of Pisces, March 20th, will get the Beginners Pack II with the most current reference cards and an excellent beginner audio mp3 FREE!

************Hua-Ching Ni: The I Ching

Course student special:

The Course in Human Design v.2 uses Hua-Ching Ni's Book of Changes and the Unchanging Truth as a main reference for understanding gates, lines and channels. It also uses the annual pocket ephemeris to study the influences of the planetary transits. There are only a few copies of the Hua-Ching Ni I Ching left, so if you want to explore gates and lines, with any order of the I Ching, you’ll get a gift of the 2010 Pocket Ephemeris (a $12 savings).

Planetary Archetypes with Richard TarnasRichard Tarnas: Planetary Archetypes

Rick Tarnas is absolutely one of my favorite astrologers to listen to and learn from. I managed to get to one of his 10 day CIIS summer programs where he gave a class with Dr. Stan Grof (Holotrophic Breathwork). That class amazed me so much for its importance in acknowledging the actual, physical, completely intense birth imprint itself! You might think Duh! But psychology has absolutely ignored this aspect by asserting that a newborn's mental development is insufficient to form a memory of birth. Stan Grof radicially disagrees with this "official" stance in modern psychology.

Wow, this is important for all of us to embrace and realize the power and potency of Stan Grof’s work. Stan is one of the true pioneers in psychology for the future, a groundbreaker. I think he will go up there with Freud. Stan and Rick have been colleagues for more than three decades, influencing and collaborating, inspiring countless people in the search for meaning and understanding.

Rick’s Jungian approach to Archetypal Astrology is perfect for using planetary activations in Human Design. Rick is a true star of the boomer generation; a former director at Esalen in Big Sur during the early 80s, a frequent guest speaker at astrology conferences, an award-winning author and a professor at CIIS. His lectures are so much fun to attend. I especially love the way he uses music. It's so entertaining, magical and wonderful.

His introduction lectures to his book Cosmos and Psyche classes were so fantastic that I felt compelled to ask him to give a class to a group of Human Design people, plus a small Taos audience (a complete long-shot!). Synchronicity brought this very special event into being, and this wonderful recording of his talk, giving the highlights from the 10 day class condensed into just 5 hours. This CD set will inspire your imagination and present you with a mythological and very exciting view of the planets.

4 CDs
On sale through March 20: only $29, (was $36).

Order soon, limited quantities.
To listen to audio clips and to order click here.

************Richard Tarnas: Cosmos and Psyche

Cosmos and Psyche is Richard Tarnas’s groundbreaking work, citing numerous historical examples of cultural trends that he associates with astrological configurations. Curious as to what’s coming up on the horizon, like in 2011-2015? This erudite and scholastic major work points out the similarities from the 1960s to describe the historical moment we are all living now. Don’t miss it.

30% off while supplies last: only $12 (was $18)
Available here


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