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Human Design Transmission
Volume 17, number 6
March 20, 2010

Human Design transmission

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- The Chart of a Newborn
- Revelation Story
- Michael Jackson in the News
- Tarnas sale extended through the end of the month
- Last copies of the Course
- Centers, Conditioning and Consciousness

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The Chart of a Newborn

It is always amazing to look at the charts of brand-new-on-Earth people. It inspires me to write because I am very intrigued by the chart of my niece’s first daughter, born January 16, 2010. Any chart of January through March can be a poster-child for its generation, a marker of these times. This particular birth chart shows an undefined Solar Plexus. This child brings a lesson to stay open emotionally instead of reactive. Maybe her parents can allow in that Human Design is real and let her say when the energy is too emotionally intense. Otherwise, she gets to learn not to take the emotional energy personally. Just watch it.

Visualize if you can a Solar Plexus with just those three gates and nothing else. These outer planets, Neptune and Uranus, leave a signature behind. Neptune will stay in the Solar Plexus for most of the next 15 years. Who knows what the future holds? All I know is that it is for sure a bridge into the next evolutionary step towards emotional awareness. These children being born now deserve our consciousness in living with a peaceful heart.

What would help this child immensely is that the mother realizes what those undefined centers mean. This child would undoubtedly appreciate room to be quiet, uninterrupted, absorbed, in being a single definition mode to do.2010 Pocket Ephemeris

Be on the lookout for the 2010 babies born. As the season changes, planetary influences are only getting more dramatic. This is a year for watching the ephemeris. The show is expected to be intense.

For an astrological take on Spring Equinox, check out Eric Francis. He's also good for a great perspective on the planetary forces of the times.

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Revelation Story

Please join me on Tuesday, March 23, 3pm MDT (daylight) for the webinar I’ve been practicing with Kim Gould who will moderate the screen. It’s been good for me to review the components of what I learned in the conversations around the revelation. Some things were never public but formed an early appreciation for the power and magic of the revelation of Human Design.

Just take a moment now to breathe in just what a revelation it is that you met Human Design at all; that it’s here in the world. Then click here to register for this talk. It will be recorded, so if you register, you’ll be sent the link to review the recording.

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Michael Jackson in the News

The money machine rolls on. Check out the deal with Sony here.

It’s a kind of conditioning for his family that he extends his support even from beyond the grave. See my blog for the last installment on the definition in Michael's chart.


Tarnas sale extended through the end of the month

This is such an incredible lecture in four CDs, in which the meaning of the planets come alive in a way you never even considered. After listening to this, you will always remember Saturn combining with Venus or the Plutonic experience of birth.

His classes are just perfect for Human Design study. He is quite profound in his education of philosophy, religion, history and mythology with an emphasis on planets as archetypes, the Jungian concept in the mythic cosmos, with only occasional horoscope references. This lecture was at my request to provide an excellent planets reference for Human Design practitioners.

4 CDs
Sale extended through March 31: only $29, (was $36).

Order soon, limited quantities.
To listen to audio clips and to order click here.

The chart of Richard Tarnas here.


Last copies of the CourseTHe Course ijn Human Design v.2

You get so much with this Course. You have the reference for intermediate and advanced classes down the line.

Hurry, Sale Ends March 31st!

30% off while supplies last: only $139 (was $200).
Quantities are limited. More details and order here.

Bonus! Get a $50 discount coupon for the Centers, Conditioning and Consciousness webinar! (See below.)

Centers, Conditioning and Consciousness

Finally Scheduled!

At the very foundation of your understanding of a Human Design chart is the central image, the body graph with its centers. A center is either colored or white, defined or undefined, conditioning or conditioned. How centers connect with each other or not determines whether you are designed to do or designed to wait.

This class is a really simple and immediately applicable take on Human Design without the types. Check out my video here.

The webinar consists of six lessons that each will be given twice; the second time with the recording and live interaction with me. You may attend both or either, as you like. The recordings will be available also.

A bargain at just $199!
From March 27 to April 16.
For more info, detailed schedule and to order visit here.


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