Human Design transmission by Zen Human Design

Human Design Transmission
Volume 17, number 10
July 31, 2010

Human Design transmission

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- The Course in Human Design Update
- The Advanced Lessons in the Course in Human Design v.2
- Mars conjuncts Saturn, squares Pluto, opposes Uranus and Jupiter
- Caroline Myss Defy Gravity

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The Course in Human Design Update

Thank you all who have supported me by ordering the Course in Human Design v.2 in the past. I consider it like my graduate study, a master’s thesis, demonstrating how anyone can use Human Design based on the simple, original revelation, which Ra clearly stated wasn’t his.

Jovian obviously has a powerful marketing incentive to blur the lines between the revelation and Ra’s interpretation, however, while that interpretation has some very compelling things, it does not lead one to a place where you can see charts for yourself, recognize planets or learn to use the I Ching very well.

Since the initial release of the Course v.2 with my hastily recorded first lessons, I continued to integrate ever more deeply and quite specifically, through the recognition of centers in my own body. This led me to develop the first class, Centers, Conditioning and Consciousness  by recognizing where a beginner really needs to start. It is centers that are the entrance to a Human Design study that is self-teaching. You can learn to master Human Design through self-observation of how your experience can be seen through the Human Design chart. This is what I teach: to identify the centers in your own life experience.

It took me a while to recognize that it is hypocritical of me to continue using the types. Though they are easy to get and share with people, they are also subtle traps that are hard to spot. So this is why I needed to edit the Course manual, to eliminate all references to types. This is now in progress. Otherwise, the manual is very solid, albeit pretty advanced.

To see the traps of types, start looking at what they replaced, namely the modes of doing and waiting. (Also the definition types, but that’s for another day.)

First thing is To Do and To Wait. Either way, it is a life lesson, and will continue to teach you as long as you observe yourself through the lens of Human Design. You must already recognize the bias of To Do as the first class citizens yourself, and equally perceive the bias of (oh bummer!) a design To Wait. You can contemplate this by yourself; this holds a lot of information about Ra’s work.

Now I know really how to see a chart and this is what I teach. So here’s a lesson on skipping the types. (The part where you realize it’s the first thing that comes up in your mind is part of the lesson for you!)

When you look at a chart, begin with the Throat center. If there is a motor connected directly to it, then it is a design To Do. If so, what’s the motor or motors? If the Throat center is undefined or connected to a center that is not a motor, it is a design To Wait. A design to Wait with a defined Throat is very different from waiting with an undefined Throat center.

Second, and this is really important: Defined Sacral or not. If the Sacral center is defined and you say “Generator” as though you really understand something, you cheat yourself (and the other if you’re talking to someone else). The Sacral center, whether it is defined, and if so, to what, or undefined; whether or not it is a design To Do or To Wait, must be a center you look at with care to really comprehend the person’s energetic dynamics.

This powerful center everyone has, whether it is defined or not. And if it is defined, don’t just think by saying, “you’re a Generator” or “I’m a Generator” that you’re actually telling someone else how it is defined. No center is ever defined in isolation. Only undefined centers can be understood in isolation. And To Do with an undefined Sacral center is categorically different from a mode To Do with a defined Sacral center.

Learning the names of the types helped sort out variations on waiting, but it really eclipsed the difference between charts with or without Sacral definition. It clearly distinguished energy types. However, the names of the types obliterated the meaning of the Sacral center in all instances. Saying one is a Projector doesn’t highlight what it means to have an undefined Sacral center. It tells what your specific action plan is (to wait to be invited). While the need to learn what waiting is true and important, it is not a conclusion that the invitation is what one waits for. That is subjective interpretation.

It’s of great value to recognize the need to wait to respond for Generators, but you actually get this from the Sacral center itself. This center is the body’s generator, the power plant, taking in fuel and will burn itself out if it is outwardly, versus inwardly motivated. The Sacral center has the possibility to connect to five other centers and any combination of those centers nuance what one’s response might be, so don’t trap yourself in a superficial one-size-fits-all approach.

The other two types with designs To Wait that also have undefined Sacral centers do have the waiting style in common (looking for energy or recognition), but the variations of having some definition (like Throat or not, motors or not) significantly alter what you see in a chart. I would say the name Reflector tells a person with no definition what to do. It’s a conclusion. So start with no definition and then recognize the attributes of reflecting the energy of others and what it means to be open. It’s actually hard.

Having a design To Do means a motor connects to the Throat and this energy can manifest action. I really don’t think it’s so terribly different from the attributes assigned to the Throat. It’s also so crucial that you look to see what centers are undefined or if there are splits in the chart. But that’s for next time.


The Advanced Lessons in the Course in Human Design, v. 2

11 lessons. One for each of the 10 chapters from the Course and chapter 0, the Revelation Story. Includes the minor edits for version 2.1, in process now.

These lessons are recorded screencasts using the Course manual plus ongoing weekly calls for you to ask your questions. The q&a will also be recorded. The calls start August 10, 3pm Mountain Daylight Time.

Only $199 (price will double to $397 in September).

Sign up Special: Receive a free 2010 pocket ephemeris if you sign up by August 5.

I am so sure that you will find tremendous value in the lessons, that once you’ve had a chance to review the first two lessons, if you don’t feel like it’s the right study for you, I will give you a full refund. So sign up now.

The Course manual is out of print right now. Although you don’t have to have it (the screencasts will give you the visuals), if you are interested, there are three manuals left in stock and you can order one separately for
$80 + shipping.To order, please email me.

"One thing I realized is that the Course is not for beginners. The beginning class (available soon) is Centers, Conditioning and Consciousness, a class in nine parts (one lesson for every center). The Course in Human Design v.2 is in fact optimal for intermediate to advanced study." Zeno

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Mars conjuncts Saturn, squares Pluto, opposes Uranus and Jupiter

These times bring just such exciting astrology reports. Yesterday, I completely had a computer (Uranus) meltdown by losing a file and with it several hours of my life. I think of these kinds of events as little tests to see how centered I can stay. If I were to grade myself, I’d say it was about a C-, the task to practice focus and completing one thing at a time brings me to this.

Look at the wheel shown here to get an idea of where the heavy outer planets are (all activating Ji gates in the moment). This is a T-square, and all these planets represent challenge points. So I hope you are remembering to breathe and keep your sense of humor or practice your “it’s all in divine order” or “this too shall pass” (which it will!).

Eric Francis always has such brilliant things to say. Both of these recent newsletters fascinated me.

I saw on the PBS Newshour that the downside to those Wiki Leaks is that it gives names and addresses of Afghani friends to the US effort, which does sound like real danger to those people. Still, the article is about fear, secrecy, Neptune and the exposure of same, so it still has astrological relevance as to the timing of this occurrence.
Clear the Smog of War (Neptune’s influence from July 30)
It’s Not Always Like This But It Is Now (from July 27)


Caroline Myss Defy Gravity

In the last few weeks I’ve been enjoying the CDs from this new book. Pondering how I know these qualities.

What is especially interesting is Caroline Myss’s take on the chakras and the choice we can make for either succumbing to the shadow or calling on the grace. The shadows are the seven deadly sins. We have all! To see the aspect in yourself can inspire you to call for the grace.

Chakra/Center Shadow Grace

1. Root
2. Sacral
3. Heart
4. Ji
5. Throat
6. Ajna
7. Head

Reverence (for all life)
Piety (connecting with the divine)



This is a great time to shift paradigms. The planets line up with the maximum wake up effect. Taking my own advice, I now practice focus to finish one thing at a time and to keep breathing!

Breathing in, I calm my body.
Breathing out, I smile.
Thich Nhat Hanh

Love and Peace



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