Human Design transmission by Zen Human Design

Human Design Transmission
Volume 17, number 11
August 29, 2010

Human Design transmission

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- Sale Ends Tuesday, August 31
- Mercury Retrograde and Saturn-North Node
- Request for Testimonials

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Sale Ends Tuesday, August 31

Dear Reader,

The completely bargain basement discount price of the Advanced Lessons in the Course in Human Design v. 2.1 of $199 ends in two days. As I gradually complete the lesson screencasts, it looks like it will eventually be about 30 segments covering all the elements one needs from beginning to very professional, with a weekly call-in for your questions, recorded for later playback. The price increases September 1 to $397, and when I’ve completed the entire block of screencasts for this course, I will then raise the price to be more in line with advertised classes by other teachers that are nowhere near as good or complete but cost much, much more.

This is the time of my Saturn return. It brings discipline and structure to be more professional in my work and career, to recognize the value of my work as probably an incomparable education based on the original Revelation mechanics and not based at all on the later interpretations. As far as I know, all other Human Design teachers, whether on the “official authorized list” or not, use the results-style of names and labels for everything as though one can say definitely “you’re this.”

Recently one of the students asked me if I don’t use “wave” for having an emotional definition, what do I say? Just in summary, if I talk with someone who has an emotional definition, I don’t see a need to tell that person what it feels like. What is important is to help awaken how the awareness might be available and useful in his or her life, and with all relationships.

Zen Human Design has a core Buddhist philosophy of “conditioned genesis.” It actually fits quite closely with the underlying revelation mechanics that describe conditioning. For me, this deeper philosophical understanding is lost on most all Human Design students. When people use the word “open,” they actually mean “undefined.”

I use the word “open” to suggest the challenge to grasp conditioned genesis and indeed, this is to recognize the other as reflecting you back to yourself. When you get this, the only appropriate response is to bow down to the other with love. It is yourself that you meet. To be “open” in your undefined centers is an accomplishment!

If you already have some Human Design knowledge, you might find this sample segment enjoyable. It is from Lesson 2. If you’re a complete beginner, check it out anyhow. Lesson 1 comes before it, but it will at least give you the experience of a screencast. 


Mercury Retrograde and Saturn-North Node

This is one of the most computer-crashey, software-glitchey Mercury retrogrades I remember having. It helps to just take it easy and use the time to redo things. Mercury’s retrograde is in Mercury-ruled Virgo, from August 21 and through September 12.

Other notable transits for Human Design people are the retrograde and conjunction of Uranus and Jupiter in 25. Saturn leaves 46 tomorrow, August 30, entering the first of the Libra Spleen gates 18. When the North Node retrogrades into 58, this will make a Root-Spleen channel definition for everyone on the planet. This takes place September 9 through October 13 when Saturn proceeds into gate 48 (my natal Saturn!).

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Request for Testimonials

Did you have a reading with me this year? I keep evolving in giving readings and sharing with people what can be seen in a chart, but while I may have found what I said beneficial, what happened for you? Was the time and information useful for you? Do you have anything to share as to what you gained? Your feedback (any and all) helps me learn how I might best serve you.

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As we go through the last weeks of summer and the days get shorter, remember it’s the opposite on the other side of the world. Always finding balance, love and joy.

love and peace


© 2010 Zeno

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