Human Design transmission by Zen Human Design

Human Design Transmission
Volume 17, number 12
November 24, 2010

Human Design transmission

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- Letter from Zeno
- The 2011 Ephemeris is Here!
- New Website
- Website Launch Specials - Announcing New Classes!
- Radio Interview Recording

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Letter from Zeno

Dear friend,coyote

I live in Indian country. A coyote walked through my yard this morning, signaling the time of year when the season's hunt for food brings him/her out from under cover. This is a deep natural cycle shared with all creatures that began in this country so many centuries ago. The Indians helped the Pilgrims figure out how to grow food for an autumn harvest and hunt wild turkeys that would sustain them through the upcoming winter. The feast of abundance those first immigrants celebrated gave thanks to their neighbors, the Indians, without whom they would not have survived.

Thanksgiving reminds me to be grateful for food, the abundance of the harvest and the joy of gathering together with friends and family. It is beautiful to remember so many people who contribute to my life, including you. So thank you for participating in my life by reading my newsletter, supporting my life's work and dharma. I am glad to finally send this update as to what's going on with Zen Human Design, my classes and the exciting news about the updated website launch.

Finally I announce many new classes and my year-long certification program. For years now I have felt that it was my karmic task to bring an unencumbered version of the revelation of Human Design that belongs to everyone. I feel guided by an unseen force and am grateful that the time has come to announce this work. It gives me an enormous satisfaction and joy to finally realize this goal.

Zen Human Design is an original and direct interpretation of the revelation of the Human Design System. It works. You can figure out charts. You can rely on your own intelligence. For those who want to use Human Design in a way that honors all people, this is the only study in the world that is based solely on the revelation itself. This application of the revelation presumes we all have the choice of consciousness, that we can learn to change bad habits because we know our designs. This is a pure form of Human Design for everybody to find the highest good, the path of awakening built into the chart.

Happy Thanksgiving!



2011 Pocket Ephemeris
The 2011 Ephemeris is Here!

The new 2011 Pocket Ephemeris is now in GMT! Suitable for anywhere in the world! Keep up with the planetary influence with this portable and very handy useful way to observe the planetary transits.

Only $12!  (plus shipping)
Buy two or more and get $2 off for each!
Order here.


New Website

My website  is completely revamped, easier to navigate. Free stuff! Better than ever! Check out my new welcome video Meet Zeno right on the new home page.

Here's my latest Youtube video: Buddha in the Bedroom. I had lots of fun making this video for complete newcomers to Human Design about relationships.  Please comment there. I love to hear from you.


Website Launch Specials - Announcing New Classes!


Celebrating the new website SALE:

10% OFF everything! through Black Friday, November 26.
Hurry! Just a few days.


The Course In Human Design 2.1The Course in Human Design 2.1


Half price through November.
Now only $499.
Through November 26 another 10% off!

Order here.

Now with the newly revised course manual included!  Here is a link to check out the preface to the new manual.

This comprehensive course takes you from the first steps building a solid foundation of your own to enter into direct perception of charts. It is an opportunity to look at and understand your own chart and the charts of loved ones. When we understand even just a little bit about ourselves in relation to our Human Design chart we begin to gain a new consciousness in old situations.

It is the most effective training on the market, so if you've longed to really be able to comprehend the Human Design System, this is the class for you.

See what you get with this most comprehensive and comprehensible Human Design training that you can really use! This trial screencast lets you view directly how the class is presented: sample lesson.

And if you buy through November 26th you receive 10% off!!!
This means you can get the entire Course in Human Design for only $449 including the manual. This deal won't come back!
You can even buy 2 and give the gift of Human Design to a friend!

Order here.

The full course comes with a two week Money back guarantee if you are not satisfied.

The Course is the complete training, though many of the segments can stand alone. Now available! Aren't ready to take the whole course? Take a bit at a time and get coupon credit whenever you decide to upgrade to the whole course.

All the following classes designated New! (except the Professional Certification Program) are included in the Course as is the manual. If you buy any segment or the manual, you will qualify for an appropriate discount.


Revised Course Manual 2.1

This revised edition of the flagship Course v.2 manual is now being reprinted and
available for purchase. If you want to get a flavor of it, I wrote a new preface that you can find here. The difference in this edition is that all references to the labels - manifestor, generator, projector and reflector are gone.

The Definitive Reference and Course Manual for the Course in Human Design 2.1.
Just $99. Take an additional 10% off through Black Friday, November 26th!

Order here.


NEW! Definition Types and Modes

To Do and To Wait: One of the very first realizations when meeting Human Design is the distinction between having a design to do or a design to wait. The next significant piece is the Definition Type. No definition, single or a split definition, triple or quad split tells you how you're wired. When you meet this, you may also want to know about significant others.

This very fundamental information is explained in this first class, Definition Types and Modes. This class helps one to realize if the other person might be feeling defensive in a certain area. Just walking into a situation with the awareness that the other people also have charts, with their unique designs that affect how you feel with them and they with you, starts a change.

Order here.


NEW!  Lessons 1 & 2 of the Course in Human Design 2.1

Conditioning: Once you've gotten definition types and doing and waiting (Lesson 1), the next core piece is learning about centers being defined and undefined. This is the essence of Human Design. From this study, you will be able to understand function and dysfunction in all your relationships with everyone you know forever.

The main thing is how you are conditioned or condition others. But what is conditioning really? To understand this central concept it is helpful to think about the conditioning that begins in infancy with the very first relationships of our lives.

We have all been conditioned our entire lives. We have also been conditioning others just as long. So it is enormously helpful to understand the difference between loving conditioning and conditioning that makes us feel bad. This is not rocket science. If something makes you feel tense or worried or stressed out, that conditioning is not helping you expand into a loving state. How to identify this in your life and chart is the foundational information in Lessons 1 & 2 of the Course in Human Design 2.1.

Only $179, including the manual (Great deal! With this package the manual is ½ off!)
$129, without manual
Eligible for discount on the full Course in Human Design 2.1.
Order here.


NEW!  An Astrology Primer for Human Design students

This distilled essence of what is pertinent to Human Design students is designed to present just what you need to really grasp the significance of astrology as a core element of the Human Design synthesis. This wonderful class shows you how to integrate basic astrology into your Human Design knowledge. This essential astrology primer just for Human Design will greatly enhance your appreciation of the wheel and how the index works. This is an advanced lesson in Human Design that incorporates elementary astrology.

includes a 12 page fully illustrated e-book with essential references.

$79 for a limited time only.
Order here.


NEW! Professional Certification Program

This training is a year-long intensive immersion into using Human Design in a way that helps people wake up in consciousness. It begins with you, your chart and those of the people in your world. My aim is to help you prove that you can change the dynamic in any relationship so that you have authentic, verified results from which you can speak with your own truth. Zen Human Design is a significant contribution to our planetary consciousness. I look forward to interacting with this fantastic application and tool for helping people make the world a better place.

Click here.



Radio Interview Recording

Check out this fun interview for a Human Design audience with Zeno with lots of good questions and answers here.

"Dear Zeno, I loved the wonderful, clear information and interpretation  ... of the human design charts. I really felt honored to have been listening online to the person to bring HD to USA... .. the best interpretation I have heard in decades. ...I appreciate your wisdom and studies of ancient and eastern spirituality and religions. Thank you for being on the show today. I appreciate you for inspiration and clarity today. Peace and 100000000 Blessings." Janet Spittler

© 2010 Zeno

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