Human Design transmission by Zen Human Design

Human Design Transmission
Volume 18, number 1
January 1, 2011

Human Design transmission

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Contents - New Year's Specials:
- Professional Certification Program Half Off
- How to Use the Ephemeris
- Free Ephemeris on Facebook
- Course in Human Design 2.1 payment plan
- Special Offer! Course manual just $49

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Taos Mountain, January 1, 2011

2011.1.1 New Year's Day Transmission. Big Sale!

Happy New Year. The Taos Pueblo Indian dancers, almost naked, had their annual Turtle dance this morning in 14 degrees BELOW zero. Brrrrr. The mountain is gorgeous, snow covered, white and glistening in the sun, though the day isn't warming up. This morning being warm inside is a blessing, that's all!

I hope this newsletter finds you comfortable and warm. Wishing you the best year coming up.

Love and Celebration,


Professional Certification Program Half Off

Through January 31st, the Professional Certification Program is only $2249, the lowest price it will be this year. Plus, there's an easy payment plan available AND if you sign up in January, you'll receive a coupon for half off the Course in Human Design 2.1!

This training will give you an immediate and direct access to how your chart shows you the path of your life. Awaken to this magnificent tool as the path of meditation, the witness. This training will greatly enhance anyone who works with people as a guide or counselor. Perfect for coaches, counselors or lovers of Human Design who want to build a Zen Human Design clientele. This year-long program will give you a solid foundation. You will come away from this training knowing directly what you see in a chart.

This Course is the only authentic and original form of Human Design based solely on the revelation mechanics, now complete. There are 42 segments in total for the 10 lessons, the most effective training in the market. This basis for the Professional Certification Program assures that you learn to speak from your own truth,  that you are honest with yourself and allow the mystery to unfold in you directly.


How to Use the Ephemeris2011 Pocket Ephemeris

Happy New Year! This is an incredible year as we march on toward Winter Solstice 2012! Keep up with these exciting transits. Stay informed when Mercury goes direct or Neptune changes gates.  This essential tool is easy to use once you learn a few key pieces.

In order to make this essential reference available to everyone, I recorded a great lesson in how to use the 2011 Pocket Ephemeris and make it a fantastic bargain!! A $49 value - just $19 and includes the ephemeris or the unbelievable giveaway price of just $9 if you already have one.


Free Ephemeris on Facebook

In the spirit of making this invaluable tool available to everyone, I am giving the 2011 Pocket Ephemeris away if you go to my Facebook Fan Page and "like" it. After that, you'll receive a message with the coupon code so that the ephemeris is free (you pay shipping).

You can also get this free ephemeris and then buy the 40 minute lesson on how to use it (see above) for only $9! My New Year gift to you!

Course in Human Design 2.1 payment planThe Course in Human Design 2.1

If you have always wanted to study Human Design, now's your chance! Through January 31st, you can get the Course with an easy six-payment plan option. Only $179 for six months! Includes Course manual.


Special Offer! Course manual just $49

While supplies last! Just a few left! There are some copies of the manual that have slight dings from the shipping, very minor cover issues like a nick on the spine or a dog-eared corner.

The webguy is on holiday, so the shop display is not yet updated, but when you add the manual to the cart, the price will be only $49.
© 2011 Zeno

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