Human Design transmission by Zen Human Design

Human Design Transmission
Volume 18, number 6
February 10, 2011

Human Design transmission

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- February is All about Love: Lots of Prizes
- Relationship Wisdom: Buddha in the Bedroom Video
- Course Manual: Your $40 off coupon Through February 14th
- February Update
- Special offer for Course v.2 Students: Upgrade at your Best Price Ever!

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February is All about Love: Lots of Prizes

This month, Zen Human Design celebrates love all month long!

So, dear Valentines, let’s have some fun!

All February customers and new newsletter signups will automatically be entered into a drawing to win great prizes.

Grand Prize: The Course in Human Design 2.1 ($998 value)

Second Prize winner receives a free 60 minute reading (a $197 value)

Third Prize winner receives Lessons 1 and 2 of the Course in Human Design 2.1 (a $149 value)

Fourth Prize winner receives: Definition Types and Modes ($49 value).

All you have to do to enter this prize drawing is to buy just one product in our online shop (even a reference card will work) or if you aren't on the newsletter email list, sign up on our homepage.

Tell your friends! This is a great chance to share your love of Human Design with others! And watch for more great last minute specials and giveaways on my Zen Human Design facebook fan page. This is all about love…

We will have the drawing during the first week in March and let everyone know who the lucky winners are in the middle of March. Good luck!

Relationship Wisdom: Buddha in the Bedroom Video

Please enjoy this youtube video in which Zeno shares wisdom about love and relationships through the lens of Zen Human Design. Does Valentine’s Day get you thinking about your closest relationships? It can be in our relationships that matter the most where we sometimes act the worst. Zeno tells us how the Human Design System can help us gain understandings that can help us achieve forgiveness and love.

So what happens when we meet Buddha in the bedroom? This is when we finally recognize that the only appropriate response to meeting another person is to bow down. We are in it together.

To see this cute video and learn more click here.


Course Manual: Your $40 off coupon Through February 14thThe Course in Human Design 2.1

This gift is a $40 off coupon for The Course in Human Design 2.1 manual. Easy  to use, but only valid through February 14th.

To redeem your coupon follow this link.
Scroll down and add the Course Manual to your cart. Add coupon code LOVE at checkout.


February Update

February begins with the change of the lower trigram group into the mid-Aquarius Fire trigram family that takes us through gates 13 in the Ji to 49 where the Sun is now. This began February 9 and will continue through February 16 before it conjuncts with Neptune by Valentine's Day.

The Sun always activates gate 30 on Valentine's Day. Let's take a moment to imagine what this energy is where the Earth activates Sacral gate 29 and Sun warms us up emotionally in Solar Plexus gate 30, Radiance.

Pay attention to your own emotional transitions in the next few weeks as the Sun continues its foray into Pisces and emotional stories.

This is a good time to put some emotional connection in sexuality.

Special offer for Course v.2 Students:
Upgrade at your Best Price Ever!

Only $197! Click here.The Course in Human Design 2.1

For Course v.2 owners, a special upgrade price offers you the most comprehensive and integrated training ever as a thank you for being my student during the earlier days as I labored to just outline the structure of the revelation.

It took me three years to integrate the work I had done on the four elements of the synthesis. It took me at least two of those years to realize that I had to experiment with deleting the labels of the types as a popular shortcut that skips over the essential starting point of definition type and mode (Lesson 1).

This totally new screencast recording goes into each lesson in-depth. It is very satisfying. You will finally comprehend what the Human Design teaches based solely on the revelation.

The manual operates on many levels, so it is possible to have a beginning class, then intermediate and also advanced.

Some of the Course 2.1 students now confirm that starting over again from the beginning, you learn more, that this training  is highly effective!

The Course 2.1 represents a completion and integration. It is a thorough program that teaches you Human Design customized for you, your truth and life.

To make this available to you, this upgrade price of only $197 is a great deal! Don't miss it! Click here.

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