Human Design transmission by Zen Human Design

Human Design Transmission
Volume 18, number 7
March 19, 2011

Human Design transmission

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- Centers, Conditioning and Consciousness
- Teleseminar Replay
- Super Moon,  Luna Comes Close - And Equinox Tomorrow
- Momentous Transit - Sudden, Unexpected Departure

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Centers, Conditioning and Consciousness

An In-Person Workshop starts in one week! March 26-28 in Taos, NM.

$599 sign up here Zen Human Design

This is my flagship workshop that introduces anyone to his or her own self-exploration. Zen Human Design charts show how we both influence and are influenced by others through the nine centers. The revelation of Human Design is that we each have a map that shows exactly what we're here to learn. This workshop will give you a clear means of unlocking the self-teaching journey that will continue to deepen and reveal to you more and more of who you are and what your path is.

We will have sessions for each of the nine centers to explore the nature of conditioning, the essence of what you need to recognize in order for you to harmonize the stresses and reactors/attractors, those buttons you've known about for a long time.

"Consciousness" is recognizing that how we behave or handle ourselves is up to each of us, and therefore to take full responsibility for our own part in the collective totality is to practice witnessing. Don't you feel it too, this powerful shift that the veil is lifting? It is time to wake up and remember, we're all connected.

We all participate in the world emotional body. Everyone's lessons are written right into the map that the chart shows. Each of us can take responsibility for how our own energy influences the environment. Though finger-pointing and asserting "You're the problem here," is a normal perception we all experience, in fact, the true understanding is we are always half of the story, and the only part over which we have control.

This workshop will provide an opportunity to identify each of the nine centers in yourself, to reflect and journal on how you see yourself as a conditioning force and to seek out habitual, reactive conditioning that feels wounded or allows justification for bad behavior.

This chance to spend time with me reviewing the major influences in your own life and how you personally and directly know the centers will jump-start your practice of Zen Human Design. Monday, I will look at any charts you want.

It will be my honor to teach you what I mastered. Zen Human Design, the application based on your own experience. Now I offer this so that you too can master the lessons built into your life and be well. Celebrate!

sign up here . and here's the flyer


Teleseminar Replay

Bravo! It works this time! If you tuned into my first attempt last Saturday and had problems hearing the presentation, please accept my apologies for my triple-split-ness. The one from Thursday was recorded this time. Yeah! It means that I can use this format to continue with this way of offering telesemars that are web-based, skype-integrated or phone accessible. I think of all my technology challenges as anti-aging, brain exercises, Alzheimer prophylactic!

So I will offer another one on Centers, Conditioning and Consciousness this upcoming Tuesday if you'd like to tune in. The ability to ask questions and the automatic replay are wonderful features.

Here's the replay of the one from Saturday. Click "presentation with audio" to see the slides.

I had to know it worked before announcing another one. Join me if you can this Tuesday. If you can't make it, the link will take you to the replay.


Super Moon,  Luna Comes Close - And Equinox Tomorrrow

It was on the news that tonight's full moon, (actually midnight Mountain time - so tomorrow's early morning) is closest to Earth than it's been in 19 years. When it rises and is close to the horizon, it will appear larger than usual. It will also pull the tides more strongly. What's important about this is to notify you to look.

Wanting to determine the time gave me the opportunity to look at the ephemeris. And wow, what an intense time, don't you think? An Advanced Breathing class so do your best to find a sense of humor. Or at least remember This Too Shall Pass.

Sun in 25 conjuncts Uranus in 25 forming a channel definition with Mercury In gate 51 (Heart center - Ji); Jupiter in Aries gate 21 (lots of Aries energy); South Node in 12 meets Mars in the 22 (Throat to Solar Plexus). You might think this period of revolution has the emotional energy of war, and of course its opposite, Peace. If you don't yet have a copy of the Hua-Ching Ni Book of Changes and the Unchanging Truth, they are once again available here.

It's a great moment to use your energy to beautify (22's name is Beautification) rather than acting that could result in misfortune (name of gate 12). South Node theme suggests the karma that we're dancing with and what the collective is integrating. Hot stuff!

Momentous Transit - Sudden, Unexpected Departure

It was a week ago today that Ra departed this earthly paradise. I hope his death was a peak illumination moment. Certainly a fascinating transit chart. You will find a blog post with a chart link here. I have posted a few other blog posts on the subject of Ra. He was the person who brought Human Design to my life and while I think his interpretation was flawed, he was the person who initiated my exploration and life path.

I'm glad I did a prayer for him to wish him everything that he wanted.


I am preparing to give the Course in six parts in person; the first of which is next weekend. In April, I will begin the series of hexagrams (gates) and look forward to seeing you there.

Much love to you and prayers for all


© 2011 Zeno

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