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Human Design Transmission
Volume 18, number 8
April 1, 2011

Human Design transmission

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- Planetary Influences of the Moment
- Free Teleseminar Saturday, April 2
- Blog post on last weekend's Class
- Sale on Course in Human Design 2.1 and manuals

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Planetary Influences of the Moment

It's early spring, (northern hemisphere), the trees start budding, the birds flutter and chirp away with the sounds that accompany the longer days, nest building and mating. The bunnies are out too, makes me always happy to see they survived the winter, such a harsh one this past year. As Osho often said "spring comes and the grass grows by itself."

Cottontail Rabbit by Chaitanyo

This is a complex time, full of radical changes, the urge to rebel against the incredible inequities and my own personal and tremendous disappointment that the US  claims a right to kill for oil, rape the mother planet, take the resources, bully and wage war. These corporate owners who act like the planet is theirs are greedy beyond belief. This is the Sacral center energy. It's all of ours, so the criminals should just stop the planetary rape of resources. Just stop. I read today that the forces of light are going to step up their assistance now at the moment of change. This lesson is for us to learn to stay open-hearted, to trust the changes as important gifts and to let go of the fight or effort. It is the time of awakening. The veil is lifting.

As Eckhart Tolle wrote in A New Earth, the power structures on the planet will implode. That's hopeful. I believe that we don't have to engage in the fight. We have the practice of self-love, not engage in the disturbance, though I'm still going to pray to the water in Japan and hope it helps.

What's going on with the planets? you might ask. Uranus is now in Aries gate 25. Mars also activates 25 for a week and Jupiter's transit into gate 51 forms a channel with these three planets. Here are some words you can put together to find out if this is your experience: (from Sue Tompkins Aspects in Astrology).

Revolutionaries, freedom fighters, belief in freedom, holy crusades, fighting for beliefs, attacking beliefs.

For you Human Designers, you get to add centers to synthesize the centers energy, so an awe-inspiring identity of innocence meets the initiating, shocking force of will (Jupiter's part) that can energize and bring evolutionary upheaval.

I am going to offer weekly classes on the hexagrams to start with "The I Ching of Human Design," the most time-consuming project on my list as I proceed toward completing my work with design. I hope you will join in. More soon.

Free Teleseminar Saturday, April 2

Please sign in to get the credentials to the teleseminar. I will answer any questions you want to ask, and if you want me to look at your chart, please order a Zen Human Design chart if you don't have  one already.

The teleseminar signup is right on the home page.

Blog post on last weekend's Class

Thank you to all of you who wrote with your well-wishes or wondered how my first live class went. It was a specially-developed class for lay people, and I am gratified to report that this workshop is highly effective. This class should be replacing all other "intro" workshops. It provides the tools necessary to unlock the self-teaching mechanism of Human Design. You take this class, and you're set forever to see the mechanisms unfold and reveal to you what's affecting you.

I wrote a blog post on it here.

Also, this class is so excellent that I scheduled it again for June 25-28. I hope you can attend, as this is the one class everyone should attend. It sets the stage for an exciting journey of discovery. Here is the link to it.


Sale on Course in Human Design 2.1 and manuals

My process (a very slow one, though I think of myself as quick) was to complete the advanced study so that anyone who wants to figure out how I came to the conclusions I did has the opportunity to reference my work. The deletions of the labels was brilliant, though I know many of you are still attached to being a generator or whatever. The Course is now on sale for half price through April 7th. Just $499 or three payments of $179.

I just received a new shipment of manuals. There are just four left of the last ones, so these four will be on sale through April 7th. Just $59 plus shipping!!!

Just add to your shopping cart. The price will be correctly discounted in the cart.
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